Christians, Where do You Stand on Freedom?

The reader may not be a Christian, but he or she may wish to share this with Americans who are. For one thing, it shouldn’t scare some away, like many of our articles might. For another, though these factors hang in the balance, they remain true for our nation: 1. We the People are responsible to God as its Sovereigns and, 2. “politics is a numbers game.” The ninety page book is well worth it, too, though its tone becomes more, one might say, familiar, to the inner ears of the Bound. – AW

Susan J. Knowles
author of the novel, Freedom’s Fight: A Call to Remember

In today’s political climate, where things appear to be occurring at lightning speed, as a Christian should you be concerned or even become involved with where our country appears to be headed?

As Christians, we are taught that God will take care of us and that we don’t need to worry or have fear about anything (Luke 12: 6-7). The more faith that we have the more we believe this to be true. That being said, should we be involved in politics or should we remain silent on this issue?

Talk show hosts, television news broadcasts, and some news reporters are beginning to shed light on issues that appear to suggest that various departments of our government and perhaps, even the top echelon of our government are involved in corruption, the likes of which have not been seen since the Nixon Administration. There have been many allegations recently against the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), the NSA (National Security Agency), and the administration’s handling of the incident in Benghazi (that left an American Ambassador and others dead) that have left the American public feeling unsure about who they can trust and whether this government still values the rule of law.

Many Christians have expressed concerns that these incidents are reflective of a world in trouble and perhaps an indication that we are in the times prophesied in Revelation before the Second Coming. Others are worried that their freedoms will continue to diminish and that civil rights violations will continue to grow as allegations of government misconduct are uncovered.

What are we to do, if anything, as Christians? Should we sit back and watch it happen without becoming involved? Do we stand up for our God-given freedoms and those of other Americans or perhaps choose some other option?

I believe that our U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence are based upon those rights granted to us by our Creator. These are the rights that our Founding Fathers learned from reading their Bibles. Bible teachings were used as the framework for the creation of these documents, that among other things, ensures that all Americans are treated equally, have the right to practice a religion without interference from the government, and can speak their minds freely (with few exceptions). Thus, we live in a country that was founded on Christian principles. If we do not defend these principles and they are taken away from us then what will become of our rights to practice our Christian faith? Some would argue nothing. Others would suggest that the very survival of Christianity depends upon what Christians do to preserve these principles.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a reverend and other civil rights leaders knew that their rights were based upon those natural laws given to them by God to be treated equally under the law. Had Dr. King decided not to defend those rights and speak out then many would not be able to enjoy their freedoms today. Those rights which read “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness” reflect the very essence of who we are as Christians.

Knowles-Freedoms-FlightIf we fail to take a stand as Christians to protect our rights, those based on Christian principles and granted by our Creator, then we risk losing our right to freely practice our Christian faith in America. Where do you stand?


Susan J. Calloway Knowles is a Licensed Christian Marriage & Family Therapist and former practicing Family Law Attorney. She is also a Christian music Songwriter and Author. Susan’s songs can be found at Susan’s new book Freedom’s Fight: A Call to Remember is available on Her website is


  1. New Yorkers………when will you be filing a lawsuit against Mayor Bloomberg because he was using your tax dollars for his own ideology…….in another state?

  2. Donald Calloway says

    We Christians cannot and should not stand idly by and watch our religious freedom be taken away or superseded by Islamic faith. If necessary, civil disobedience will be the order of the day. God will triumph over evil, and we Christians must stand with God, not behind Him.

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