Obama-Land vs. the USA: The End of a Country, its People and Liberty

Two-hundred and thirty six years ago, a new country “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”* was born.  Men and women seeking religious and economic freedom from an increasingly perverse, suppressive and feudal Europe sailed to ‘the New World’ which would later become the United States of America.  Most began to occupy this fresh and promising land in the 1600s.  However, some intrepid souls began their journey into and through portions of North America much earlier.  Such was the case of my ancestors who arrived on the shores of this new land in the 1500s.  They were part of the original founding of this once extraordinary country and eagerly participated in and watched it being built.  I morosely am now observing its end.

Over the many years it took to establish viable colonies in this New World, many experimental governments were attempted, including the one that we now call Socialism or Communism.  Over a relatively short period of time, the colonists discover that it did not and could not work.  Those who labored the most were given the same portion as those who did little to nothing.  Therefore, the true workers and entrepreneurs of the time were not truly recompensed for their labors, while the non-working groups continued to live off of the fruits of others” successes…as if they were their own.

Suffice it to say, this was untenable and a form of free enterprise began to percolate and appear.  This was a system which rewarded those who worked and we eventually called it Capitalism…a structure that would imbue all participants with economic freedom as long as they worked for and participated in it.

For well over 200 years that economic freedom  coupled with the freedom to worship God allowed We-the-People to build, prosper, enjoy the fruits of our labors and share our bounty with others around the world as no other nation in the history of mankind had done before.

However, on 6 November 2012 that all came crashing down.  The Islamo-Marxist “President” of the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama was elected to another 4 years in office.  I had hoped and fervently prayed that the prophetic words in my column ‘Is the USA Ready for an American Stalin?’ written in 2008 “if Obama is elected we will never be able to get rid of him” were not true.  But, they were and are.

Whether many in the country choose to believe it or not, we are not only now facing an era of almost unbearable hardship but, the removal of any and all of our once-Constitutional liberties and rights as human beings.  We are moving from the light back into the darkness of both body and soul.  The elimination of the Obama syndicate’s enemies has already been reported as having issued from the lips of co-POTUS Valerie Jarrett.  That should begin soon.

Obama’s plan to turn the sovereignty of the USA over to the United Nations is already well under way.  The UN Small Arms Treaty will be signed by Obama and it will effectively remove and replace the former Bill of Rights’ Second Amendment, while the First Amendment will be replaced with “hate speech” restrictions…punishable by new global laws.

The Obama government’s war on Christianity has been in play since the early months of his ‘presidency’.  Soon, Christianity and Judaism will be replaced by Islam–which will be the official ’religion’ of the USA (see my 18 August 2010 column “ObamaGov Establishing Islam as Official USA State Religion?“) and our Constitution will finally and officially become null and void…to be replaced by Shari‘a law.

ObamaCare will not now–nor ever–be repealed so, the Obama regime’s theft of what was left of our money will continue and his death panels will rise supreme over what’s left of our bodies.  The new motto will likely be “If you cannot serve the State the ways in which the State demands, the State must terminate you.“

Congress will be rendered completely toothless and non-essential, as Obama has been working to affect since he first took office.  Our economic and other systems designed for liberty of and for the individual are now dead and is only waiting to be buried.

The time to panic was November 2008–when Obama was elected to his first term.  Too many refused to listen to the warnings and, instead, chose to listen to others who lied gently and soothingly to them that they would be told when it was so.  The Roman philosopher and statesman Cicero advised us over a millennium ago that a nation cannot survive treason from within.  Thus, neither will–nor can–the now-former United States of America.  It has now come to its close as a nation.  The shining city on the hill is no more and has been reduced to rubble.

May God be with us and–I pray–eventually lead us out of our now-inevitable bondage.  But, it appears now that it will not be soon.


*From President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address


  1. Obama signed executive order merging Homeland Security with private sector to create dictatorship: http://www.naturalnews.com/037871_Obama_executive_order_dictatorship.html#ixzz2BY0gqldh

  2. Not in my house.

  3. We were considered “dummies” by.. We were ignored on birth issue. Wait til election to remove him. He did cover up Benghazi. The media is just a bunch of Santas helpers. They delivered all the bells and whistles. Fox, Hannity, Levin and Limbaugh are history to me for their compliance. God IS the final judge no matter how they deny it. GOD will prevail. Man has failed God and country. In God we trust and no one else.

  4. I had indeed held out hope for this election to end the traumatic experience of king Obama, but that does not seem to be as his servants and slaves of the entilement crowd put their messiah back in out Whitehouse once more. Yes it is true we got lied to even by our own supposed leaders. instead of the ‘record’ turnout expecte by the right many merely sat at home and said ‘but what good will my vote do?’. Your non vote gave the enemy at the gate the key to the kingdom and now we must decide our own fates. Do we meekly cower like so many sheeple have done that brought us to this? Do we form a resistance and fight for our freedoms and refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants? The voting booth and our petitions have fallen on deaf ears, bot h those on the left and the right. King Obama is already implementing his martial law restrictions and sending his minions out to do his evil bidding. the petty dictators of the tower of babble in our NYC are jumping for joy at the prospect of finally killing the giant called America. This is the beginning of either the end of freedom and liberty or the biggining of a newly refreshed Republic. The choice is your’s my friends,and the time for making that choice is narrow. i advise all to choose wisely and carefully for you must be careful what you wish for.

  5. George Soros won this election. Agenda 21 is refreshed, renewed and aligned with Scientology and Islam to the detriment of Christians and Jews.This cannot well.

  6. You people have lost your ever-loving minds.

    Your fear and ignorance is so misplaced, I don’t even know where to start. So I won’t even try. You cannot rationalize with the irrational. I encourage all of you to follow through with your threat of moving to Canada…because it’s not Obama we need to be scared of…it’s the CRAZY people. Holy crap, get a hold of yourselves.

  7. We may be crazy, but we are dead right!!!!!! It’s the people that voted “blind”, not once but twice that should have to pay the consequences, not the ones that love this country and our freedoms so much that we are willing to die for it. I say we split the country in half and let those that voted for BO have him. We will take our Rand Paul or Ted Cruz or Governor Walker anytime. Also we will have Sherriff Joe in charge of Homeland Security. There will be no messing around in that department. Congress will only be allowed to run for 2 terms. No retirement. This is a civil SERVANT job. Congress will also have to live by ALL rules that they vote in. Let’s see how the Liberal side goes when they have everyone on welfare, no one is allowed to have guns except the criminals that get them illegally, fixed wages so no one is willing to work harder, “free” healthcare which is human extermination, abortions up until the due date, no religion in school, public, etc., open borders so that illegals and terrorists are free to come and go. People would be fleeing the Liberal side to come and get a piece of our side. The American side. The side that our forefathers and every other soldier that has fought died for. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!

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