SOVEREIGNTY NOW – Three Critical Questions for ALL Politicians & Candidates

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All, tests which the Obamunists fail — and so do many Republicans. Please share this with leaders of the electoral action organization and Tea Party entity of your choice. Please ask politicians and candidates, yourself.

Candidates throughout the nation are being asked questions such as: whether they are for cutting budgets and taxes, for protecting our borders, for restoring constitutionality, are they pro-life, how they interpret the 1st and 2nd Amendments, etc.

What about the foundational matter of the American Sovereignties?

These questions must be asked our political candidates:

  1. Are you a member of any organization supporting the ends of globalism, transnationalism, communitarianism, or U.N. Agenda 21 defined “sustainable development,” or have you received money, or services, or other favors from any of these?
  2. Do you pledge to uphold America’s individual popular sovereignty, our parental sovereignty, the sovereignty of the states, and our national sovereignty, against every internal and external threat, according to our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence?
  3. Do you pledge to support and not undermine the sovereignty of other free and benign nations, for example, an unified Israel, in its present borders, with its capital Jerusalem?

Ask them all, now.  Then, hold them accountable.- AW

It’s the Sovereignty, Stu…
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