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We run a very skinny operation and intend to apply it very strategically, as we hope you already see.

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SovCamAnd to save us from a future in Gulag America, please track our progress in the Sovereignty Campaign ( There, we begin the work of helping patriots reset America on its intended and authentic base, centered by its true core, to secure our freedom and strength.

Q.  What is that base and core?

A.  Our truly empowered popular sovereignty under God, with state and national sovereignty to guard it.

We will begin tracking and rating politicians’ performance and candidates’ positions, especially for the United States Senate, at the outset.

We know of no other information service with this most critical mission and clear focus, for the support of Sovereign American Citizens’ natural rights and responsibilities. We must keep and pass along this precious gift of Divine Providence, and of the “last, full measure of devotion” paid by so many before us, in our nation of self governance.

That’s what it’s all about.

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Arlen Williams
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