Zbigniew Brzezinski: U.S. ‘Will Not Support’ Israel if they Attack Iran’s Nuclear Sites

The Former Carter National Security Adviser Speaketh NoisyRoom Hat Tip: BB Read more at Freedom's Lighthouse... Who the Hell is he to tell Israel anything? Is his ass on the line?Gulag  Note: much more deeply in the center of Bankster Globalism than he lets on, we suspect. … [Read more...]

ElBaradei’s Unsavory Associates

Mohamed ElBaradei Self appointed spokesman for the Egyptian "revolution" Mohamed ElBaradei is not a man to inspire confidence in pro-Western circles. Tariq Rauf As head of the U.N's International Atomic Energy Agency (1997-2009) ElBaradei cultivated a circle of advisers, a "kitchen cabinet" - that included an accused Russian spy, Canadian national and IAEA Verification and Security head … [Read more...]