Tom Tancredo on Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Congress, Immigration & His Own Plans

Interview by By Washington Watcher on January 14, 2012 at 11:33pm I recently completed an exclusive video interview with former Congressman Tom Tancredo, whose heroic 2008 presidential race, and even more heroic Colorado gubernatorial race in 2010, were key steps in the long campaign for patriotic immigration reform. We post them here on our new VDAREVideo channel. In Part I, Tancredo discusses Ron … [Read more...]

Tom Tancredo Speaks up for Arizona’s Recalled Russell Pearce

You may recall seeing heroic Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce on television, during the passage of the their legislation to uphold the rule of law in that border state, against America's strategic invasion by illegal immigrants. Representing Arizona's 18th senatorial district, he has since become the President of the Arizona State Senate -- and he is being recalled. His recall vote was passed in July of 2011 … [Read more...]