Sheriff Joe Arpaio Seeks Grand Jury on Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Mericopa County, Arizona, interviewed by  Rick Wiles of' TruNews July 31st, briefly excerpted here: YouTube video: "Sheriff Arpaio: Working on Getting Grand Jury Indictmentfor Obama Birth Certificate Forgery"  More at Birther Report and from Charles Kerchner … [Read more...]

What Causes Even Patriot Minds to Join Enemy on Obama’s Document Fraud Cases? See Allen West

Three of the most effective tool sets used by America's cartel collective enemy and the spiritual enemy behind them, are: fear of man (even over fear of God, thus allegiance to truth, finding it, and relating it faithfully) availability heuristic, as it has been called, or normalcy bias (drawing upon the familiar at the cost of learning what is new, a tendency that may be exacerbated by shocking or outlandish … [Read more...]

Who Got the Obama Fraud Sheriff’s Kits?

This article below was received early this evening from a news source who is a new source - AW: Names of Congressional and Senatorial Sheriff’s Kits Recipients Soon to be released Letter-Writing Volunteers Needed NOW to “Double Down” on Effort to Expose Fraud Ask any successful athlete, businessperson or entrepreneur:  how effective would they be without a carefully implemented follow-up plan? The … [Read more...]

Official Analyses of Obama’s Alleged Frauds Delivered to Members of Congress

by a patriot activist (Washington DC)  In a coordinated effort to bring Barack Obama’s forged identity documentation into the light of scrutiny, fifteen unpaid volunteers from California, Oklahoma, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Virginia walked the halls of Congress this week delivering “Sheriff’s Kits” directly to Congresspersons, Senators and staff alike. The cavernous Rayburn, Cannon, and Dierksen buildings … [Read more...]

Why Did Obama Seal His Transcripts? “Most presidents have given their college records,” Donald Trump recently told Greta Van Susteren on the subject of transparency. “All presidents have given, to the best of my knowledge, their passport records.” Newt Gingrich made a similar appeal. As he told the Daily Caller, “I think every Obama request for transparency should be met with ‘do we get to see your senior paper at Columbia?’ The … [Read more...]

Corsi & ASK Interview Viviano on Testimony of Obama’s Criminal 2008 Campaign

In WND EXCLUSIVE Hollywood producer heard Bill Clinton say Obama ineligible Insider in Hillary's 2008 campaign points to 'original birthers'   A successful Hollywood producer who had an insider’s view of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign claims she heard Bill Clinton say that Barack Obama is not eligible to be president. Bettina Viviano – who started her own film production … [Read more...]

Dishonest Republicans, Gutless Conservative Media & the Collapse of a Corrupt Political System – PE

While the Democratic Party is On Track to Commit Suicide by Obama By Lawrence Sellin The Post & Email (site is under maintenance at time of publishing) Be assured that the far left-controlled Democratic Party, its anti-American financiers like George Soros and its partners in the biased, liberal mainstream media will use any tactic, tell any lie, violate any law and support any, even violent movement to … [Read more...]

Obama’s Transparent Hypocrisy in Harassing Arizona’s Sheriff Arpaio

As part of the Obama administration’s lawsuit against Arizona’s new law, SB 1070, President Obama’s lawyers had an Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement bureaucrat, Daniel Ragsdale, file a brief to the court against the state of Arizona. What Ragsdale said about immigration law enforcement gives the lie both to the Obama lawsuit and to their current attacks on Sheriff Joe Arpaio. ICE bureaucrat Ragsdale argued that … [Read more...]

Obama Went to France While in College?

On Thursday, while in Cannes for the G-20 Summit, President Barack Obama casually said the following, “The last time I was in the South of France – or the first time, rather, was as a college student, and I’ve never forgotten the extraordinary hospitality of the French people and the extraordinary views that are available here.” To Obama followers, this comes as news. In his 1995 memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” … [Read more...]

Ad in Washington Times: Obama’s Mysterious Connecticut SSN & Allegedly Forged Birth Certificate

New Wash Times Ad: Obama Using Stolen SSN and Forged Birth Certificate. Why Isn’t Speaker John Boehner Investigating? 12 Sep 2011 Wash Times National Weekly pg 5 by Charles Kerchner See and Get a Copy of the New Ad Here: Proof that Obama is Using a Stolen SSN and Has Forged His Long Form … [Read more...]

The First Sighting of Barack Obama

In December 2010, during his first week in prison at Fort Leavenworth, U.S. Army Lt. Col. Terry Lakin met with his assigned civilian psychologist, who claimed to know why Lakin was in prison. As the psychologist put it, Lakin did not believe Obama to be born in America and thus constitutionally eligible to be president. Lakin corrected him. As Lakin explained, he did not know where the president was born or … [Read more...]

ASK Interviews the Obama Social Security Number Investigator

From Andrea Shea King Tonight on my radio program  the private investigator whose research revealed that Obama has been using a fraudulent Connecticut Social Security Number since at least 1986 as well as a fraudulent Selective Service Number Susan Daniels information was included in Jack Cashill's latest book "Deconstructing Obama", and tonight she will lay it all out for us. Join us at 9 pm … [Read more...]

Gulag Bound Adding CDR Kerchner’s Blog to our Key Links

Gulag visitors will now see the blog of CDR Charles Kerchner in the "Key Links" section of our sidebar.  Previous to this, we had no source there which frequently addresses America's eligibility crisis with our "putative president," Barack Hussein Obama - in addition to his dark and spotty past overall. CDR Kerchner was one of the early eligibility lawsuit planiffs, his attorney being Mario Apuzzo.  We have known … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Birther Evangelist

This article is notable not only for it's clear-eyed perspective on the realities surrounding Barack Obama's dark (oh-oh, not a racist expression I promise) background, but also that it was published in the esteemed American Thinker.  Well written, writer; well thought of, Thinker. - AW by William Lolli I am an information technologist by trade and a Birther evangelist by proclivity. When discussing or … [Read more...]

Jack Cashill Interviews Col. Terry Lakin Monday 7-11, Archived

Announcement as follows On July 11, 2011, at 3:PM (Eastern) Jack Cashill will be on-air to discuss Col. Terry Lakin's case and introduce Lakin's new book. Col. Terry Lakin, MD simply asked for confirmation that his commander in chief is eligible to be president.  Instead he received a court martial with no defense allowed and six months in prison. To listen live, or for more information, click here. Jack … [Read more...]

Obama Adoption Memo Smells of Collusion

  Someone at the Department of Homeland Security has some explaining to do. On July 7, Boston Globe reporter Sally Jacobs wrote an article for whose headline teased the reader with bombshells to come, "Father spoke of having Obama adopted." The article was written to help promote her new book, The Other Barack: The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama's Father, due to be released on … [Read more...]

How the Media Falsify Obama’s Origins Story

In her new biography of Ann Dunham, A Singular Woman, New York Times reporter Janny Scott corrupts Barack Obama's nativity story even more than a cynic might have thought possible. In so doing, Scott follows an ignoble media tradition that deserves exposure as does the story that it corrupts. At the very first moment of his national acclaim, the 2004 keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention, Barack … [Read more...]

‘No Passport for You, Birther!’

...barked the Obama Documentation Nazi. The State Department seems conflicted. The subject: Barack Obama's mother's passport records, from the time he was born. Oops! Obama mama passport 'destroyed' Last week, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the State Department released passport records of Stanley Ann Dunham, President Obama's mother - but those records for the years … [Read more...]