Thaddeus McCotter Speaks of Sovereignty

The presidential announcement, July 2, 2011 "McCotter Floor Remarks on Obama: So this is what change looks like..." March 23, 2010 More at YouTube: RepMcCotter This is not about endorsing, but it is about a campaign -- a real campaign in a real war waged against us and which must be waged back, to preserve America. When someone in politics speaks of the urgent need to defend America's essential … [Read more...]

GOP Rep. Thaddeus McCotter Enters 2012 Presidential Race; Vows to ‘Restructure the Government’

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: Brian B. McCotter now has a Campaign Website and he has three unusual web ads up that are brief and without any sound: Read more at Freedom's Lighthouse... Hey, well we all just wanna be big rock stars - and McCotter may just be one. 8) My kinda guy... Unknown Republican Thaddeus McCotter rocks GOP field with White House bid... … [Read more...]