Trevor Loudon to Speak in Tennessee

New Zeal I will be speaking at two engagements next week in Tennessee. Thursday April 12 6:30 PM Where: Room D3 Pennick Academic Complex 1050 Union University Dr Union University, Jackson, TN Friday April 13 6:00 PM Where: Patterson Park Community Center (Dining Room) 521 Mercury Blvd Murfreesboro, TN 37130 See you there! … [Read more...]

Former Monroe County Jail Inmate Sheds Light on Actions of Those Named by Fitzpatrick

Introduction by Sharon Rondeau, The Post & Email Todd Sweet, an inmate at the Morgan County Correctional Complex in Wartburg, TN, met Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III while both were inmates at the Monroe County jail in Madisonville, TN last year. The Post & Email has reported extensively on Fitzpatrick's discovery of corruption within the Monroe County judiciary, law enforcement, and grand jury, which … [Read more...]

Why Were Phone Lines Shut Down in the Monroe County Jail Last Week?

They were scrambling By Sharon Rondeau The Post & Email (site is under maintenance at time of publishing) (Feb. 5, 2012) – The Post & Email has received a report from a visitor to Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who has been incarcerated in the Monroe County jail since December 7, 2011. We were told that the Madisonville mayor and the “chief inspector of the state, and all the bigwigs” inspected the … [Read more...]

Taxed Enough Already: Tennessee’s Case Study in Controlled Opposition and Duped Conservatives

"If the public are bound to yield obedience to laws to which they cannot give their approbation, they are slaves to those who make such laws and enforce them." - Candidus Pen name of Samuel Adams during the era of the Sons of Liberty Source: in the Boston Gazette, 1772 Bill Haslam is the Republican Governor of Tennessee.  Haslam was elected to office in 2010. He previously served as Mayor of Knoxville, … [Read more...]

Regional Governance: Quiet, Global Insurrection in America

  Regional Planning Brings Regional Governance Listen to this article So what's wrong with regional governance? Nothing- unless you value the republican form of government and individual freedom — and detest autocracy in all its forms. Regional governance evolved as a way to get around the obstacles presented by multiple local governments, all of which may have a stake in the region, but often disagree on … [Read more...]

Is the U.S. Losing its Culture to Islam?

New Zeal This absolutely must-see video, which was produced by Americans for Peace and Tolerance and the Tennessee Freedom Coalition, concerns the encroachment of radical Islam in Tennessee. It debuted last week in Nashville and was featured during Thursday night’s event along with Geert Wilders and other speakers. The film reveals the infiltration of local institutions by Muslim Brotherhood front groups, … [Read more...]