Federal, D.C. and Media Complicity with Revolutionary Marxist Occupiers

Progressive Media Encourage Lawlessness and Anarchy Accuracy in Media The message of the protests in New York City and Washington, D.C. is that if you want property, private or public, take it. The anti-Wall Street demonstrators have taken over a private park in New York City and public property, Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square, in D.C. The reaction of the White House is that all of this is fine. After all, … [Read more...]

“F*** the U.S.A.”

By: Trevor Loudon New Zeal October 15, 2011 - Protesters at Saturday's Occupy Portland demonstration vented some of their anger at the capitalist system by setting the phrase "F*** the U.S.A." to "music." Yes folks, these protestters are just decent, patriotic Americans concerned for the welfare of their country. … [Read more...]

Lenin’s 99 Percenters

NoisyRoom The Blaze: Occupy Wall Street protesters fill Times Square for a rally Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011 mixing with gawkers, Broadway showgoers, tourists and police to create a chaotic scene in the midst of Manhattan. The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators had marched north through Manhattan from Washington Square Park earlier in the afternoon. Once in Times Square, they held a rally for several hours before … [Read more...]

Breitbart I Have E-Mails – Organized Plan For Occupy Wall Street Protests To Destabilize Government

NoisyRoom Breitbart.tv: On Fox Business, Andrew Breitbart breaks the news that Big Government has obtained and will release e-mails that prove the organized plan behind the "Occupy Wall Street" protests. Read the details at Big Government. The Email Archive of the #OccupyWallStreet Movement: Anarchists, Socialists, Unions, Democrats and Their Plans We are sharing the email archive because we believe … [Read more...]

Occupy L.A. Speaker: Violence will be Necessary to Achieve Our Goals

NoisyRoom Read more at The PJ Tatler... Here’s a transcript, starting at 32 seconds into the video: Occupy L.A. Speaker: “One of the speakers said the solution is nonviolent movement. No, my friend. I’ll give you two examples: French Revolution, and Indian so-called Revolution. Gandhi, Gandhi today is, with respect to all of you, Gandhi today is a tumor that the ruling class is using constantly to mislead … [Read more...]

TEA PARTY Invades OCCUPY DC – (explicit)

Accuracy in Media, Let Freedom Ring and Young America’s Foundation have joined forces to invade Occupy DC. Our objective: to see what happens when three peaceful fans of capitalism, guns and our military take to the streets. It’s a good thing we didn’t do a live shot, they weren’t greeted nicely to say the least. … [Read more...]

SEIU’s Stephen Lerner Leaks Plan to Terrorize Corporate Executives

NoisyRoom From Syver Alton Larsen: This evening when I was watching Bruce Williams on NBC....the schools were not open today in New York, so the teachers organized the kids to come to the protest! It showed the kids (elementary) carrying signs. Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy   Stephen Lerner … [Read more...]

15 October – United for Global Change

NoisyRoom The Marxists and Occupy Wall Street go global. 15th October - things are escalating and are going to get very interesting indeed. ARE YOU READY? DEMONSTRATORS PLAN GLOBAL PROTEST FOR OCT. 15 … [Read more...]

Communists Lead “Occupy Los Angeles” Movement – Nationwide Takeover Planned

New Zeal Two prominent members of the Communist Party USA are leading the growing "Occupy Los Angeles" movement. Further, the Communist Party is deliberately infiltrating the "Occupy" movement in other parts of the country, to ensure that revolutionary forces gain as much control as possible. The two Southern California communists at the heart of Occupy Los Angeles movement are veteran party leader … [Read more...]

Occupy Atlanta Silences Socialist Rep. John Lewis

New Zeal This is cultish and sick. Occupy Atlanta protesters demonstrate North Korea like group think as they reject a speaking slot for socialist Georgia congressman John Lewis. If the 'Occupy' mob will treat a fellow leftist this way, how would they deal with the rest of us if they ever gained power? … [Read more...]

Russians and George Soros Support Wall Street Protesters

New Zeal Moscow funded propaganda channel Russia Today continues to back US revolutionaries. Socialist supporting financier George Soros expresses sympathy for their cause. Surprise, surprise! Gulag Note ~ And their top dawg in the White House too. We wouldn't want to leave out Barry. For Soros, though, feel free to search Gulag Bound with "Soros" plus "Occupy" plus "Rothschild." … [Read more...]

The Occupiers’ Siren Song

NoisyRoom NY Daily News Occupy Wall Street is a movement that has been planned and executed by Marxists in America. There may be lots of useful idiots at play in the movement, but nevertheless, if you follow the money and influence, you find the likes of Democratic Socialists of America, ACORN, SEIU, the DNC, the Obama administration, the Working Families Party, the New Party, Tides and of course, that old evil … [Read more...]

Russians Cheer on the American Revolution

New Zeal Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today gleefully reports "Occupation"  protests in New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles. Why is the agent of a hostile foreign power allowed to encourage revolutionary activity in America? … [Read more...]

The Return of Van Jones and Marxist Street Protests

Accuracy in Media A “Take Back the American Dream” three-day conference in Washington begins on Monday that features Van Jones, the disgraced former Obama Administration “Green Jobs Czar,” a Russian TV star, and a veteran of the Venceremos Brigades to Cuba who works for the AFL-CIO. Such is the nature of the modern progressive movement. “I think everybody should hold onto your seats,” said Jones on Thursday’s … [Read more...]

More Actions Planned for ‘Red October’

New Zeal In 1917, Russia's "Red October" shook the world. In 2011, the US left plans to create their own "Red October" - the first shots of a major nationwide campaign to create chaos and a fear across America. The left will use any dirty trick it can to ensure that Barack Obama is returned to the Oval Office in 2012 to complete his task of creating the Socialist Republic of America. Communist Party USA … [Read more...]

Occupy Wall Street Protests Spread Across U.S.

NoisyRoom Read more at The Telegraph... Days of Rage, Hours of Opportunism Dozens arrested after foreclosure protesters target Bank of America Economic protesters take to the streets in L.A. Activists continue to 'Occupy Chicago' Read more at 9news.com...   Read more at q13fox.com... More than 700 arrested in Wall Street protest … [Read more...]

Russian Propaganda Station Supports US Protestors

New Zeal Kremlin propaganda station Russia Today is openly supporting the tiny, but growing wave of anarchist/socialist/communist led protests currently building across America. In true Soviet style, the Russians are trying to spin the actions of a few leftist malcontents as the beginnings of a mass movement against the existing American social order. From the Russia Today website: Cops might be cracking … [Read more...]

Occupy Wall St. ‘Women Arrested for Asking not to be Manhandled by Police’

NoisyRoom   Wall Street protesters cuffed, pepper-sprayed during 'inequality' march 80 people arrested at 'Occupy Wall Street' protest Reminiscent of Greece, Spain and Italy, no? … [Read more...]

Pro-Israel Christians and Jews Unite at UN Rally

NoisyRoom By: Fern Sidman Before noon on Wednesday, September 21st, scores of stalwart Christian supporters of Israel along with sizeable contingents of Jews, poured into Dag Hammarskjold Plaza near the United Nations to express their indignation over the unilateral Palestinian bid for statehood expected to take place on Friday as part of the annual UN general assembly meeting. Sponsors of the rally said that a … [Read more...]

Anarchist Theater – Days of Stage

NoisyRoom LaborUnionReport.com The Days of Rage non-event came and went Saturday. The overall conclusion was basically a giant meh... Instead of the publicized 20,000 purported to show, I understand it was between 700 and 1,000 in number. Not bad for a bunch of anarchist, Progressive hippies, but not exactly the end of America as we know it either. I heard wild reports of half a million and others of 5,000. I … [Read more...]

Blood on the Streets? US Communists Prepare for Conflict, ‘Hellraising’

New Zeal Violence and intimidation are coming to the streets of America - if the Communist Party USA gets its way. Emboldened by their "friend" Barack Obama's Labor Day speech in Detroit, the communists and their labor and "social movement" allies are preparing to confront the "Tea Party" and the GOP in the streets of America in an attempt to intimidate their way back into power in 2012. The plan is simple. … [Read more...]

Occupy Wall Street Stages a Dry-Run

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: Talk South Radio From Occupy Wall Street: On Thursday, Sept. 1st, a small group of demonstrators were met with police intimidation while performing a peaceful and legal occupation of a public sidewalk on Wall Street for a single night. Nine were arrested for disorderly conduct and later released without charge. One demonstrator was held for 24 hours because he was unable to provide proof … [Read more...]

Wall Street, September 17: ‘Beginning of the Global Revolution…?’

New Zeal The "Anonymous" anarchists are joining the planned occupation of Wall Street, beginning September 17. It says, "flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months … Once there, we shall incessantly repeat one simple demand in a plurality of voices." The September 17 protest is not confined to Wall Street. It is part of an international … [Read more...]

Bankster/Soros Ginned ‘Day of Rage’ & ‘Occupy’ Planners’ Promotional Videos

How serious is the left about disrupting America? NoisyRoom       Read more at Talk South Radio... Don't be fooled. These are not your friends or fellow patriots. They will try to lure you in as comrades. These are the Unions, Progressives, Communists, Marxists, Socialists, Anarchists - they bring the rage. They will organize and use the youth to rally. You are fodder to them and … [Read more...]