America’s Progressive Angels of Death

Evil is alive, evil is well. Evil is alive, evil is well. Now on your feet to the tower and yell,  “Evil is alive, and well.” —Jakob Dylan, "Evil is Alive,” from Seeing Things “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. “ —From “The Nuremberg Code” “I consider myself a modern Progressive.” —Hillary Clinton 207 My friend Kelleigh Nelson has been publishing a series of … [Read more...]

The Phoenix Economy (Environmentalist, Marxofascist & New Age ‘Cloward-Piven’)

The new fascism very reasonably explained. Green business, government and environmentalists working together to transform your world. Complete and utter crap. Thanks to Robin Gulag Note: More on this theme to come, including Maurice Strong, "Rio," and his 2012 deadline.  And thank you, Trevor. … [Read more...]

TED vs. Western Civilization, ‘Which Side are You On?’

You've met TED, haven't you?  Maybe you've sat through a patronizing video here, or a read a condescending article there, lately? Contrary to what you may think, TED does not stand for Tediously Egocentric Dweebs -- at least that is not what they intended.  The acronym is meant to signify the bright ones getting together to lead the rest of the world with planned Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Wait, am I … [Read more...]