NAACP Silent on ‘Ugly, Black Babies’ Abortionist

PolitiJim From: The National Black ProLife Union Abortion doctor Ashutosh Ron Virmani referred to the black children that he kills as "ugly black babies." It's all too obvious that he has a particular disgust for black babies and therefore has no problems killing them.  Abortionist Ashutosh Ron Virmani said, "Let me see one of you adopt one of those ugly black babies," . The black community should be … [Read more...]

NAACP: Meet its Marxist Founders (initial)

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded in 1909/1910, essentially by Marxists.  It could be said that it was one of the original "front groups," though some in it were less radical than others and that is common for Marxist movements. It was an organization with which civil rights leader, Booker T. Washington (of the Urban League) sharply disagreed.  Then again, Mr. … [Read more...]

At All Costs Marxists

Listen to this column online The recent gathering at the Lincoln Memorial was nothing less than an enormous, nationally televised coming-out party for closet Marxists. Washington watchers have long known about the love affair between the Marxists in America and other major political forces. Here are a few of the organizations that are marching, lock-step, in support of the Democratic majority that is advancing a … [Read more...]

RaceGate? – Reality & Perspective on Journolist & Sherrod Brushfires

Sometimes events converge into one of those teachable moments. That is the case with the Shirley Sherrod story breaking within a day of the Journolist scandal. This moment turned into a frenetic week of accusations, reactions, analysis and a lot of anger. The Journolist scandal revealed a dark underbelly of mostly left-wing opinion journalists acting as political operatives in ways that may have contributed to … [Read more...]

NAACP, Media Owe Tea Parties Major Apology

Blacks will know they have achieved full acceptance in America when the media begin to treat the NAACP as the hack left wing political group it has obviously become. Now, alas, my hometown Kansas City Star treats the NAACP meeting here in KC as though it were the 2,000th annual reunion of Jesus and the twelve Apostles. Wednesday’s headline reads, “NAACP resolution addresses tea parties.” It should have read, … [Read more...]