GOP to Survive? Morton Blackwell on the Status of RNC Power Grab Fascism

This archive is from last night's net-radio program, Bard's Logic, hosted by Robert Jetter. Morton Blackwell, of Leadership Institute and the head of the Virginia Delegation to the 2012 Republican National Convention, explains what happened with the big, top-down power grab by Reince Priebus (wow, I spelled that right; time to replace him) Mitt Romney, and their powers that be. Mr. Blackwell's portion is maybe the … [Read more...]

Virginia Delegation & Morton Blackwell Taken for a Ride; Prevented from GOP Rules Participation

As we reported yesterday, Morton Blackwell, the Virginia State Committeeman to the Republican National Convention and founder of Leadership Institute, took the lead in attempting to fight the authoritarian, central committee takeover of the Republican Party. He and the Virginia delegation were on their way to the critical Rules Committee meeting yesterday afternoon - they thought. They were actually, literally "taken … [Read more...]