Pro-Communist Kucinich Caught Shilling for Gadhafi?

New Zeal Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich has worked closely with the Communist Party USA over many years. This relationship was still evident as late as 2009, when Kucinich personally endorsed the almost successful Cleveland City Council campaign of Communist Party leader Rick Nagin. The Communist Party USA in turn has relationships with Cuban, Russian and Chinese communist parties, and to Hugo Chavez's … [Read more...]

Where’s Muammar?

Gulag Tales & Rumor Trails Original Title: Is this Photo Really Gaddafi Dead? (Update: it isn't) (News from Tallulah, Sunday, 8/21, 8:40pm+ CT) This is the Tweet:!/CHUKYYY/status/105448460400078848 [by the way, we see this oddball is a Venezuelan Chavez fan] These are locations for the image at the time of this … [Read more...]

Aerial Bombing, No Longer an Act of War

NoisyRoom Welcome to a whole string of kinetic military actions employed through the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine of the Obama Administration. You know, where aerial bombing of a country is no longer considered an act of war. It's humanitarian don'tcha know... And Congress is now totally useless in fact and deed. The official deadline for the War Powers Resolution came and went with minor protests and … [Read more...]