Worship the Cash Cow Do We?

Tea Party "leaders" always pull their followers' faces to the focus of spending, debt, and taxes... spending, debt, and taxes... spending, debt, and taxes.... But is money really the biggest political and social problem in America, right now? Has it been, really? What if we reduced government spending and balanced the budget every year, and still continued to give away our Popular Sovereignty, while selling … [Read more...]

WikiLeaks Exposes China vs. USA Currency War over Gold

We will let the reader drill into this though a report with analysis from Beacon Equity Research and their contributor, "Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul," excerpted. WikiLeaks drops Bombshell on Gold Market; GATA right again! Posted by Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul on Sep 06, 2011 | 9 comments With an avalanche of ever-tantalizing news stories and upcoming nail-biting scheduled officialdom events in both … [Read more...]

Republicans Play into Obama’s Hands on Wall Street

Financial expert Zubi Diamond, author of Wizards of Wall Street, says that Republican proposals to fix the economy are deficient because they fail to protect invested capital in the stock market from the hedge fund short sellers. Republican Representatives Paul Ryan and John Boehner, who voted for the $700 billion big bank bailouts that began under President Bush, have put forward much-publicized proposals to … [Read more...]

Liberal Scientist: Man-Made Global Warming Theory ‘…Can Only be about Powerful Financiers…’

"They look for comfortable lies...." "I've spoken to activists around the world.  The activists in the developing world who need to directly defend their own neighborhoods; they understand this global warming thing is an invention of the privileged world." According to Mark Morano, Executive Editor of ClimateDepot.com, these are the words of physicist Dennis Radcourt [sp?] former Professor of Environmental … [Read more...]

New Financial Regulation Act Allows SEC Corruption

"Satan in a Sunday hat," says Adam Shapiro with Fox Business.  SEC states they no longer have to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests -- which have been instrumental in forcing the SEC to grudgingly reveal fraud and corruption -- and their own "deep capture" failure to enforce regulations of mega-crimes and mega-criminals the likes of Bernie Madoff. Remind you of how America is being mushroom managed by … [Read more...]