See What’s Important: the Houston Republican Debate in its Entirety

In this last debate, Donald Trump became so exposed that on the next day he had to cover it up by changing the media narrative. His fig leaf? The endorsement of the governor who doesn't like staying in his state, Chris Christie, who earlier had chastised Trump for his ignorance and clownishness. An expansive fig leaf that is, to cover Trump's accumulated liberal iniquity where he would now bill himself a … [Read more...]

Marco Rubio, Romney Endorser, Proposes DREAM Act GOP Version

From Rubio Working on GOP Version of DREAM Act to Let Younger Illegal Aliens Stay Legally In U.S. By Edwin Mora April 3, 2012   ( - Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says he is working to craft an alternative version of the DREAM Act that would allow younger illegal aliens who came to the United States "through no fault of their own" to stay here legally and, if they wished, get in … [Read more...]

Asking Marco Rubio: Constitutionally Ineligible to be President, So Why Talk VP?

Contrary to the obdurate ignorance, crafty obfuscation, and outright deceit played out in the progressive saturated media and both tainted political parties, the presidential requirement of being a "natural born Citizen" is clear. (The word, "Citizen" is capitalized in this article as in the Constitution, because an American Citizen is this republic's essential and Sovereign Ruler.) By evidence of the use of that … [Read more...]

Sen. Rubio: ‘Save the Whole House or It Will All Burn Down’

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: Brian B. ‘We either save this country or we do not. And to save it, we must seek solutions.’ … [Read more...]