Jack Cashill Interviews Col. Terry Lakin Monday 7-11, Archived

Announcement as follows On July 11, 2011, at 3:PM (Eastern) Jack Cashill will be on-air to discuss Col. Terry Lakin's case and introduce Lakin's new book. Col. Terry Lakin, MD simply asked for confirmation that his commander in chief is eligible to be president.  Instead he received a court martial with no defense allowed and six months in prison. To listen live, or for more information, click here. Jack … [Read more...]

Obama, Osama, and Wagging the Dog

"There's something awfully screwy going on around here." Elmer Fudd It's no joke that ever-increasingly the American people distrust the news media.  I would imagine that the Marxist/Fascist/NWO globalists must find it tiresome to have spent all that time, effort, and money to infiltrate, subvert, and pervert America's various news venues, just to have "we the people" do an end-around, and get our news from the … [Read more...]