Joe Scarborough’s Big Lie about Michele Bachmann and ‘Default’

Time and time again, throughout the present debt extension debacle, rational and historically informed people including the writers featured in Gulag Bound have explained how even a government shutdown would not mean a debt payment default by the United States federal government. Throughout this time, U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann has lead the way. But truth and reality did not keep Joe Scarborough from going … [Read more...]

Is Blaming Tea Party, Palin & Beck for Violence Peacemaking or Provocation?

I don't happen to have the time right now to write an essay but it occurs to me, this question may speak for itself.  And so, it is presented for your rumination, if you are willing. If you do that and become satisfied with your answer, then what other questions does this bring to mind? I'll give you just three words, that may prompt some of them. Who...? Why...? How...? … [Read more...]

Updated – Glenn Beck Seems to Show his Elitism; How he is Not to be Trusted with Power

Updated below, original post, Nov. 6th at 2:29 pm CT. The comments of Nov. 6, 11:33 pm & Nov. 7,  12:31 CT are especially offered the reader. Glenn Beck, yesterday ridiculed, in fine Saul Alinsky fashion, patriots who have been attempting for the last two years and more, to get America to see it is being warred against by globalist Marxists -- even as he claimed the limelight in doing the very same … [Read more...]