Crypto-Communist Institute for Policy Studies Claims Credit for Successful Tax Shame Campaign

New Zeal I have long maintained that the Washington DC based Institute for Policy Studies is one of the most influential leftist organizations in America. The video below, I believe, proves that claim. In the video, IPS takes credit for a successful campaign to highlight the sweetheart tax deals enjoyed by many of the US's largest corporations. IPS certainly has a point, but unfortunately is not … [Read more...]

IPS: Influential, Far Left “Think Tank” Proposes Deep Defense Cuts

New Zeal The far left, Washington DC based Institute for Policy Studies has produced a shopping list of proposed defense cuts for the Obama Administration. IPS comments on a report issued by Lawrence Korb of the George Soros funded Center for American Progress, and IPSer Miriam Pemberton: In case anyone in Congress is looking for a quick $77 billion in savings, we thought it would be good to list the … [Read more...]