Deepwater Horizon Destruction Persists in Gulf Ecosystem

I do not eat seafood from the Gulf of Mexico! (Caveat: the video included is from Al Jazeera.) In Washington's Blog: 2 Years After the BP Oil Spill, Is the Gulf Ecosystem Collapsing? Posted on April 18, 2012 by WashingtonsBlog The Gulf Ecosystem Is Being Decimated The BP oil spill started on April 20, 2010. We’ve previously warned that the BP oil spill could severely damage the Gulf ecosystem. Since … [Read more...]

Let them Eat Cake

NoisyRoom By: T F Stern - T F Stern's Rantings   Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said something the other day which identified one of the many problems in government - pay raises for the elite during recessionary times. Reid got his nose out of joint; it seems Interior Secretary Ken Salazar had his $20,000 raise held up by Senator David Vitter, a pro-drilling Republican from Louisiana. “It is wrong … [Read more...]

‘Barack Obama 2012: The Hot Air Alternative Energy Solution’ Exposed!

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) delivers a big ol' plate of Alinsky #5 to the President and the DCCC with this brilliant one-minute zinger, posted yesterday on YouTube: "Barack Obama 2012. The Hot Air Alternative Energy Plan. It's revolutionary. The culmination of trillions of dollars and a half decade of government research… Introducing HOT AIR. By combining hydrochloro-bullhockey with … [Read more...]

33 Ways to Encourage Atlas to Shrug

NoisyRoom By: James Wesley Rawles SurvivalBlog Ayn Rand's 1957 novel "Atlas Shrugged" is enjoying renewed popularity following the release of the new Atlas Shrugged movie. Rand's story describes a group of American industrialists that lose patience with onerous regulation and taxation, and "shrug"--disappearing from their normal lives to relocate to a hidden valley called Galt's Gulch. While this tale is … [Read more...]

This Gulag Night: Venezuela, What Now? Who Props up Dictator Hugo Chavez?

Thursday, 1/27/2011, 10pm-Midnight, EST… 7-9pm PST Options for listening Click for this Gulag Night page at Gulag Media with live chat Dial 310/807-5060 (when it netcasts) Click the "play" symbol on the widget: The Bound will be looking for key videos and photos of last Sunday's Stop Dictadura Rally in Caracas and elsewhere, and posting them in this entry, below. Gulag Night Guests: Trevor … [Read more...]

Sunday 1/23 May be Make or Break for Venezuela – and Eventually, America

It could bring a new birth of freedom, or an atrocity worse than Tienanmen Square. Over this past Christmas season, a hardcore, totalitarian mixture of Marxism and fascism (hence, Marxofascism) has been forced upon a nation in America's hemisphere, a nation of great strategic importance. This nation is Venezuela, though even a doggedly observant newshound may not have caught a whiff of it. Even so, this … [Read more...]

WikiLeaks: Exposing ‘Insane’ US Energy Policy

Posted at the American Thinker: What WikiLeaks Cables Really Reveal There has been much complaining from the politicians about how the WikiLeaks disclosures have imperiled our national security.  The most frequently pointed to document by those who make this claim is a State Department cable titled "Critical Foreign Dependencies." The document was put together at the behest of Secretary of … [Read more...]

‘Mistress Of Disaster’ Mired in BP Mess – Jamie Gorelick

It did not surprise me to learn—and hats off to blogger Johnny Cirucci for the tip—that former Clinton Deputy Attorney General, Jamie Gorelick (at left), the well-labeled “Mistress of Disaster,” has been enlisted by BP to represent the company before Congress on the subject of the Gulf disaster. In reporting the move for Politico, an allegedly non-partisan journal, Abby Phillip ingenuously notes that Gorelick, now … [Read more...]

Matt Simmons, Deceased, Gave BP Many Headaches

Matt Simmons, energy investment banker, an oil and gas industry insider, and a leading proponent of the “peak oil” theory that claims the Earth is running out of crude, died Sunday, August 8th. Simmons authored Twilight in the Desert in 2005 in which he  explored the implications of running out of oil. He started Houston-based Simmons & Co. in May 1974 focusing on the oil-services industry and later … [Read more...]

Update: Dead Fish at Cat Island, LA – Seafood “Safe?”

On August 6, 2010, Fox News reported a two mile wide fish kill near Cat Island, LA.  This was subsequently reported as "gone" on August 7, 2010. These videos were created by a concerned citizen from the area, who contends that seafood from the Gulf is not safe, whatever we are being told. … [Read more...]

While You Were Sleeping: Magnitude 3.0 Earthquake 80 Miles NW of New Orleans

Magnitude 3.0 – LOUISIANA, USGS, August 2, 2010 at 4:34 UTC: Earthquake Details * This event has been reviewed by a seismologist. Magnitude    3.0 Monday, August 02, 2010 at 04:34:28 UTC Sunday, August 01, 2010 at 11:34:28 PM at epicenter Location    30.873°N, 90.874°W Depth    5 km (3.1 miles) set by location program Region    LOUISIANA Distances    55 km (35 miles) NNE of BATON ROUGE, Louisiana 130 … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Another Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

FoxNews is reporting that early this morning an unnamed work boat or barge hit an oil well near Bayou St. Denis, Louisiana. The boat/barge reportedly sheered a valve, causing the pressurized gas and "a fair bit of oil" to spill. Information is sketchy but "The U.S. Coast Guard, Jefferson Parish police and fire officials, as well as Vessels of Opportunity boats have all been dispatched to the scene." Gulag … [Read more...]

Explosive Videos ~ EPA Official Tells All About The Oil Spill, Dispersants and More

To my dismay, the best coverage of the BP oil spill has come from the liberal/progressive websites, IMHO. I have been trolling in the trenches of many of these websites to see what they are saying about the oil spill. This series of three videos come from a site called Democracy Now, (I guess no one told them that we live in a Republic or are they calling for a Democracy?) In the first two videos, Democracy Now … [Read more...]

Did a Democrat Just Do her Job?

The Senate Appropriations Science Subcommittee Hearing: Uses of Dispersants in Gulf Oil Spill, Environmental Panel. I had stated in a previous article that I was going to write a post called, "Governors Jindal, Barbour, Crist, Riley, and Perry: I CALL YOU OUT." I wanted the Governors to demand some answers as no one it seemed to know who was in charge.  No sooner had I put the finishing touches on the article,  I … [Read more...]

Well Integrity Test Has Started But Industry Experts Have Questions

At least a few people are asking questions of the fox that still guards the hen house. We have discussed the integrity of this well with geologist Chris Landau on our show, Fan The Fire, several times. Chris writes: "BP Show Us The Mud Logs!" so that the scientific community can study what is going on with this monster well. He says: These logs, they speak. They tell us what happened and is happening every foot of … [Read more...]

Action Call To Help Victims of Oil Spill

Did you know the IRS is going to charge income tax on the payment given as relief to victims of the BP Oil Spill? Ken Hoagland has put out a call to action on Fox and FairTax. Please  write to congress and tell them to relieve the Gulf residents effected by the oil spill from this undue hardship. … [Read more...]

Fan The Fire with CJ & Tallulah ~ ShoreBank & Oil Spill

Saturday, July 10th, 2010 Times: 9:00 to 11:00pm ET and 11:00pm to 1:00am ET Call-in Number: (347) 215-6929 Another Big Lineup 1. ShoreBank Corruption Steve Sevlic Organizer of ChicagoTeaParty & JeanWTPUSA of  WeThePeopleUSA and GulagBound Steve and Jean both have extensive knowledge about ShoreBank and its political patrons of … [Read more...]

BP Sets New Spill Target Aims to Cap Well by July 27 Earnings

Article by Monica Langley in Wall Street Jounal, July 7, 2010 BP PLC is pushing to fix its runaway Gulf oil well by July 27, possibly weeks before the deadline the company is discussing publicly, in a bid to show investors it has capped its ballooning financial liabilities, according to company officials. At the same time, BP is readying a series of backup plans in case its current operations go awry. … [Read more...]

‘No Free Press for BP Oil Disaster’

Article by Dahr Jamail, in Inter Press Service, July 7, 2010 Last week, the U.S. Coast Guard, working in concert with oil giant BP, instituted new restrictions across the U.S. Gulf Coast that prevent the media from coming within 20 meters of booms or response vessels on beaches or water. But the insidiousness of the restrictions runs even deeper. "You can't come in here," Don, the security guard hired by … [Read more...]

U.S. Circuit Court Upholds Ruling against Obama Gulf Drilling Ban

That does not mean the drilling will start any time soon, nor that the rigs will not steal off to Soros-backed Petrobras, the beneficiary of Obama's $2,000,000,000 (two billion dollar) corrupt "stimulus act" loan, and to Marxist Brazil. From Robert Moon, Conservative Examiner - excerpt The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled late Thursday that a lower court acted correctly when it struck down Obama's illegal, … [Read more...]

Purported Gulf Water Analysis: Corexit Contaminated (video)

Gulf water outside Grand Isle, Louisiana tests highly poisonous, due to Nalco Corexit, according to this report by James C. Fox -- many times the level toxic to fish. 7/6/2010 video, "Oil/Water samples from Gulf...VERY TOXIC" It must be remembered, the effects of Corexit's intended use are different from the effects of out of the barrel Corexit. It breaks up mixed and congealed crude oil into its toxic … [Read more...]

Even HuffPo Complains

"Oil Spill Media Access: Reporters Still Given The Runaround Even As Public Health Concerns Mount" -- using some of George Soros' money for some good, for a change, at the Huffington Post.  Article by Jason Linkins. … [Read more...]