Listen & Participate in our Post Election Gulag Extravaganza, Thursday 11/4 10pm-Mdnt ET

Details to follow later tonight, but -- book us up! Tonight's good news brings much to ruminate and discuss -- among our excellent Dissident Authors and Gulagian Resistance Agents... And hey, this will be the Inaugural Run of... Gulag Media Hint: it will use BlogTalkRadio and we've subscribed … [Read more...]

Anita MonCrief On Fan The Fire Saturday 7/24, 9-11 EDT

Our friend and freedom fighter, Anita MonCrief, has been a very busy activist. This week, Anita launched, while attending the Right Online Conference in Las Vegas. The new site launched with an article called, "REVEALED: The Obama Donor List." As an ACORN insider, MonCrief was to be a confidential source to the New York Times, during the 2008 election season (via Times reporter, Stephanie … [Read more...]