Historic Lineup for July 4 Telethon to Defeat Obama (Gulag Bulletin: incl. Terresa!)

NoisyRoom   MEDIA ADVISORY - Tuesday, July 3, 2012 CONTACT: Ryan Gill at Ryan@CampaignToDefeatObama.com or (650) 678-7732 Lineup of Guests for 4th of July Defeat Obama TelethonWe are pleased to unveil the lineup of guests for tomorrow's Defeat Obama Telethon. The 4th of July "Defeat Barack Obama Telethon" will be based on a similar model to Jerry Lewis's historic Labor Day Telethons to fight … [Read more...]

Gulag Bound *Articles* Now Separate from Daily Inspection List

Due to our yeomen's efforts in lining up more entries to the Daily Inspection, Gulag Bound will no longer include the Articles of the Gulag in this list. After inspection time, we cordially invite you to make a habit of scrolling on down to the Articles.... You never know what weapons of Marxofascist destruction we will there unveil. … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Gulag

Happy Independence Day.  Please pardon the scant furnishings and the dust in our temporary headquarters, here at the corner of 1st Amendment & Serfdom Road.  We are Gulag Bound and we are on the run — running to the battle lines, in the war for the American mind. This site will be greatly expanded, but we cannot wait until it is.  Our nation, that "last, best hope,"  is in crisis and there is critical … [Read more...]