Obama is Blocking Putting America Back to Work–as his Lies Increase

Folks, Obama is continuing to issue one Executive Order after another (he has not slowed down) to both shore-up his power and/or--in case we have a miracle and Obama does lose the coming election--to ensure that the next White House occupant finds the USA in utter tatters.  Remember, the US Treasury has already been gutted by the Obama/Geithner goons. So as the Red Obama Dawn looms heavily over America’s … [Read more...]

White House Legislation for DHS Control of all ‘.gov’ Domains (and as always, more)

Firstly, "White House legislation;" what's wrong with that picture? Well, that's not so uncommon (except in the Obama administration, where he usually hides behind Congress, while his comrades type and type and type). Anyway... I remember reading a comment in a forum or somesuch, in maybe the Spring of 2008.  Maybe it was in FreeRepublic.com.   The commentator asserted that Barack Obama was not a liberal; … [Read more...]

What’s Your Mood, America? We’ll Check Your Tweets

Mashable.com has published a story about how tweets are being compiled to instantly measure the mood of the nation. Teams of scientists from Northeastern and Harvard University have put the study together and it's already reaping big research rewards. Here's a bit about it from Mashable: Not only did they analyze the sentiments we collectively expressed in 300 million tweets, over three years, against a scholarly … [Read more...]