Gulag Night Reports on the Soros Conferences – and Ann Barnhardt Speaks her Mind

We've been breaking the news for years and we've got critically important subject matter to discuss this week, in the soft war against freedom and sovereignty -- and our return fire of knowledge and First Amendment action.  No blackboard, but we do have a chat room during the programs. (Or... you're not one of those people who say it's about the "entertainment," are you?) Our program time is 10pm, usually on … [Read more...]

Soros Buying Heavily into American Grain Elevators

Our apology for not posting this earlier; many readers will already know. This is even more alarming than all those 7-foot tupperware containers stacked behind security fences, in my humble opinion. From Kenneth Schortgen Jr., Finance Examiner: George Soros making a move to control food and grain production March 30th, 2011 1:37 pm ET Financier and progressive activist George Soros is formulating a move to … [Read more...]