The Perils of Pamela Geller

As you likely know, Pamela Geller is the blogger in chief of Atlas Shrugs and one of the leaders of the movement to preserve the sanctity of Ground Zero, New York City, from the religiopolitical, build-a-shrine-on-their-ruins practice of Koran adhering Muslims.  By "Koran adhering," one means those who interpret the Koran in a classic Muslim tradition and are thereby radical Islamists, who posture peace with other … [Read more...]

Fox News, Beck, Palin & Sheepish Status-Quo-Conservatives Criticized in the Liberty Movement

From Chuck Baldwin, today, an excerpt of a rounded out essay, "We Need a Revolution, Not a Movement." And it is the influence of globalists and neocons upon national and international politics that the likes of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck simply do not get–or do not want to get. And because many Tea Partiers are so enamored with these two (and allow them to do much of their thinking for them), they remain clueless as … [Read more...] Campaigns to Remove Fox News from TV’s in Public Spaces is funny.  Here's an email someone received today. Dear MoveOn member, Did you hear that Fox News' parent company came right out and gave a $1 million contribution directly to the Republican party? So much for "fair and balanced." Fox News is a problem. Which is why we want to pass on this important email from our friends at ColorOfChange, who've just launched a new campaign to get Fox News off of … [Read more...]