Can the Nuclear Deal with Iran Be Derailed?

By: Roger Aronoff Accuracy in Media The mainstream media are celebrating, as a deal has been reached between Iran and the P5+1 nations. It appears, however, to be a complete capitulation by the West. CNN described it as “historic,” along the lines of Richard Nixon’s deal with China, which certainly must be music to President Obama’s ears. But even as terms of the deal are starting to emerge, the holes in … [Read more...]

Obama Pushes Wealth Redistribution in Africa, Americans’ Multiple Billions It took a little over a year for Obama to ramp up a massive wealth redistribution scheme from the US to Africa. That is what the Power Africa business coalition is all about. Don't be fooled - it is not altruistic and it is not for the people of Africa. It benefits crony capitalists, Obama's Marxist sycophants, the US government and a plethora of Leftist agencies, groups and businesses. It is the … [Read more...]

The Menace of Russia and China: a Strategic Alliance of Our Enemies Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping -- ITAR-TASS/Mikhail Metsel As Americans ponder gender issues, racism and collectivism... Russian battleships are in Shanghai for joint naval drills with the Chinese. The Russian anti-surface destroyer Bystry sailed into port ahead of the "Joint Sea-2014" naval drills, in Shanghai along with a host of other ships. As a … [Read more...]

War Games as Putin Covets Eastern Ukraine and Beyond Today, US Army paratroopers arrive in Poland. They are the first wave of a contingent of American soldiers dispersed to four nations across Europe to support America's Eastern European allies from the Russian menace. Only 600 soldiers will initially land, which seems to be merely a token move on Obama's part. Approximately 150 soldiers will arrive in Poland. The others will be spread out among … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney’s Foreign Policy Speech at VMI; Transcript & Video + Sparing Comments

Maggie's Notebeook, October 8 Obama's Zoloft Moment Mitt Romney delivered a major foreign policy speech this morning at the Virginia Military Institute titled “The Mantle of Leadership.” At this moment, Barack Obama is pulling out his Vallium Zoloft stash. All emphasis (bold and/or green or bracketed text) is mine…or skip to the full video here.  [Gulag Note: video also shown at bottom of entry; also a comment by … [Read more...]

Ex-Staffer: Ron Paul ‘Wishes the Israeli State Did Not Exist’

Ron Paul himself has some explaining to do. Campaign personnel can call it "damage control," if they need, but what is needed from Rep. Paul about this matter are the thoughts and sentiments of a searched-out soul, expressed forthrightly and clearly. Americans should have "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" about a matter this grave, from Ron Paul himself, directly to Citizens. Treated in … [Read more...]

Samantha Power & the Descent of Evil Over America

From And thy face is Samantha Power... Should Obama win a second term in 2012, it is strongly rumored that Samantha Power will become our next Secretary of State with Hillary Clinton declining to serve another term. Clinton, a stalwart progressive/Marxist, was bad enough. Power, the wife of America's Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein, is an unapologetic anti-semite and a monster extreme. Evil has … [Read more...]

Stanley Kurtz on Obama, Samantha Power & ‘Responsibility to Protect’

Kurtz' insignts in National Review Online President Reticent March 22, 2011 10:26 A.M. By Stanley Kurtz Obama doesn’t tell you what he’s thinking. He keeps his motives to himself. Cherished long-term ideological goals are advanced as pragmatic fixes to concrete problems in the present. Now we’re seeing the familiar domestic pattern in foreign policy as well. Few Americans realize that Obama has had a … [Read more...]

This Gulag Night: Venezuela, What Now? Who Props up Dictator Hugo Chavez?

Thursday, 1/27/2011, 10pm-Midnight, EST… 7-9pm PST Options for listening Click for this Gulag Night page at Gulag Media with live chat Dial 310/807-5060 (when it netcasts) Click the "play" symbol on the widget: The Bound will be looking for key videos and photos of last Sunday's Stop Dictadura Rally in Caracas and elsewhere, and posting them in this entry, below. Gulag Night Guests: Trevor … [Read more...]

Arson in Venezuela; Chavez Destroying Records? Excuse for a Crackdown?

Cross-posted from Ulf Erlingsson's blog on January 8, 2011: At 3 AM today the offices of the agricultural authority INTI in Sta Barbara, western Venezuela, were set on fire. One woman was inside by could be saved. The recent confiscations of farms in the state of Zulia were coordinated from that office. The confiscations led to massive demonstrations, roadblocks with hundreds if not thousands of parked vehicles … [Read more...]

WikiLeaks Shows: U.S. Pro-Zelaya (and pro-Chavez) Policy for Honduras was Baseless

Cross-posted from Ulf Erlingsson's blog: The US American ambassador to Honduras, Hugo Llorens, wrote a cable on June 19, 9 days before the president of the country, Manuel Zelaya, was arrested by the military on orders of the Supreme Court, reports Le Monde. There had been rumors of a military coup, but on that morning he had breakfast with the head of the military General Romeo Vazquez Velasquez, and the head … [Read more...]

Update: Hugo Chavez Militarily Confiscating Farms of Venezuelan Patriots? Using Foreign Forces?

Update See these Gulag entries, by Swedish Citizen journalist, Ulf Erlingsson. A Totalitarian Christmas Gift: Merry Chavismo, Venezuela! December 25, 2010 Venezuelan Students Vow to Depose Chávez, ‘At Any Cost’ December 28, 2010 Late Sunday night, we began to see sketchy reports from individuals that  farmers in the region of Sur del Lago, Venezuela were being attacked by Venezuelan as well as foreign … [Read more...]

New Voice of Congressional Foreign Policy Sings a Very Different Song

Reported in the Washington Post: New foreign affairs player arrives on the scene By Jennifer Rubin Over the last week, I've expressed skepticism about the ability of Senate and House Republicans to impact the administration's foreign policy. As we saw during the Bush administration, even a president whose popularity is skidding enjoys wide latitude in the conduct of foreign … [Read more...]

Post Hits Castro Over ‘Jewish Hostage’ but Protects Obama

On the matter of communist subversion in Latin America, The Washington Post editorial page has been pretty good. It has not hesitated, for example, to expose the Marxist misrule of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. But consider the Tuesday editorial, “Cuba’s Jewish Hostage,” on the plight of American Jewish citizen Alan Gross, who has been imprisoned without charges by the Castro dictatorship for more than a year and has … [Read more...]

Interview with Journalist Ken Timmerman on Iran, Gitmo, & Tensions in the Middle East

In light of this weekend’s latest WikiLeaks document dump of more than 250,000 State Department cables, Accuracy in Media’s exclusive interview with veteran journalist Ken Timmerman couldn’t be more timely. As of this weekend, it is clear that most of the world stands in fear of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, and for the most part desires that actions be taken to keep the regime from gaining those … [Read more...]

Interview with Jed Babbin on America at War and the State of the Union

In an exclusive interview with Accuracy in Media last week on Veteran’s Day, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense and bestselling author Jed Babbin said that now that the Republicans have made big gains in Congress, they will have to deliver or else face the same fate the Democrats met earlier this month. And he is warning that the Obama administration is doing damage to the military, and may not be up to … [Read more...]

Interview with Retired Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson on Obama, Clinton, and National Security

In an exclusive interview with Accuracy in Media, Retired Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson says that President Obama is very “dangerous to our military, and to the national security of this nation.” He says that Obama’s refuses to “acknowledge the fact that we’re fighting a very extreme element of Islam.” And he cites the National Security Strategy Policy of the United States, which is President Obama’s national … [Read more...]

Extremely Important Article – Is China Still on the Communist Road?

Many Western analysts make a huge mistake when commenting on changes inside communist countries. This mistake has huge huge consequences in terms of Western foreign and trade policy and ultimately for the survival of Western civilization itself. The mistake is to assume that because a communist country seems to be adopting capitalist production methods, that this signals a softening on the part of communist … [Read more...]

Interview with Caroline Glick of The Jerusalem Post, ‘Obama’s Turn Against Israel’

AIM interviewed deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post Caroline Glick last week in a wide ranging discussion. We covered the current state of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, the impact that President Barack Obama has had on the situation, and the recent so-called Gaza “Freedom Flotilla.” In addition, she talked about how the situation is further complicated by Hamas’s control of Gaza, the … [Read more...]

Obama’s Marxist Father’s Dream Coming True, via Your Taxes

Barack Obama has found a way to use even more taxpayer money to disrupt, dismantle, and defile Kenya with the tragedies of abortion, Marxism, and Islamism, than when he was merely a U.S. Senator.  "Dreams of [his communist] father." From, this opening excerpt continued at their site: OBAMA WATCH CENTRAL Kenya gives Obama abortion, Islamic courts President's administration spent $23 … [Read more...]