Death of Conservatism Greatly Exaggerated, but Know Your Enemy

Peter Berkowitz' half-apt analysis is making the rounds today, from The Wall Street Journal and so it begins: The Death of Conservatism Was Greatly Exaggerated In 2008 liberals proclaimed the collapse of Reaganism.  Two years later the idea of limited government is back in vogue. Very good, but Mr. Berkowitz' article concludes: The Gingrich revolution fizzled, in part because congressional Republicans mistook a … [Read more...]

Are Conservatives “Anti-Science”?

From the feature article in the August 2010 Townhall Magazine, "A Right-Wing War on Science? Really?": The War That Wasn't Read the entire in-depth report in the August issue of Townhall Magazine. During George W. Bush's presidency, the popular perception was that Republicans were trying, as Hillary Clinton put it, "to turn Washington into an evidence-free zone." Bush and his congressional allies were … [Read more...]