The Dorner Identity

By: Toddy Littman Yeah, I wish his name had been “Jason Dorn,” but, hey, close enough right? So let's see, we have a former Los Angeles Police Officer who essentially claims he's a whistle blower, and that is why he lost his job, and that the system of things, the bureaucracy and governmental structure, punished the snitch. (“Manifesto” here, Is it true? I … [Read more...]

Tancredo Asks Obama to Call for Cop Killer’s Surrender in State of the Union

Former Lawmaker Cites Madman’s Open Admiration for President as Opportunity to End Killing DENVER – Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo today called on President Obama to use tonight’s State of the Union address to speak directly to madman Christian Dorner, a psychopath who has already murdered three people in California, and has openly proclaimed his intent to kill even more. “Dorner has made no secret of his love … [Read more...]