Meroni v. Illinois State Board of Elections: Eligibility Case Lawyered Up & Filing

As yet, no governmental authority has been been successfully brought to accountability to America's Constitution and its People, concerning the "natural born Citizen" clause of the U.S. Constitution. This requirement, by intellectually honest analysis of its original and inviolable intent and meaning, requires a U.S. President to have U.S. Citizens as his birth parents, plus it precludes him from being born in a … [Read more...]

Sharon Meroni vs. Illinois Politics; at a Belly of the Beast

If a beast must be dispatched, what better place to be? From a posting of Patriot's Heart Network, Chalice's Blog, August 13: Conservative Citizen Journalist and Co-Founder of Patriots Heart Network, Chalice Jackson (AKA Sharon Meroni) has been fighting the Eligibility issue in Illinois politics for about a year now. Chalice has been fighting to get the Illinois Board of Elections to verify the citizenship … [Read more...]

Citizen Challenges Illinois Candidates’ Eligibility

“The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public men.” - Samuel Adams One citizen in Illinois is standing up for the integrity of the election process and her right as a voter to make certain that the candidates from whom she chooses in the November election are indeed "constitutionally eligible" to hold public office. On June 28th 2010, Sharon Meroni, a.k.a. Chalice Jackson of Patriot's … [Read more...]