Bill Ayers: ‘I Get Up Every Morning and Think…Today I‘m Going to End Capitalism’

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques Fox Nation: William Ayers: 'I Get Up Every Morning Thinking ... Today I'm Gonna End Capitalism' William Ayers, in a pep talk to an Occupy Wall Street gaggle, said he wakes up every morning thinking about how he's going to end capitalism -- though he acknowledged he goes to bed "every night disappointed." The co-founder of the radical, Vietnam-era Weather Underground … [Read more...]

Video Reveals ‘Occupy’ Strategy to ‘Abolish Capitalism’ (With SEIU Help!)

NoisyRoom Read more at The Blaze..., as part of its relaunch, has posted recent video of Lerner and his cohorts celebrating their favorite topics: how to “abolish capitalism,” how to stir worker unrest, and how to advance the alliance of union interests and Occupy fervor. has received exclusive tape of an Occupy Strategy Session at New York University, billed as a group talk … [Read more...]

Conyers Addresses Atlanta Marxists on the “Occupy” Movement and “Broken” Capitalism

New Zeal Michigan Democratic rep. John Conyers addressed the awards ceremony of Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America on November 5. Conyers tells the assembled Marxists of having fun working in the 'struggle,' his support for the "Occupy" movement and taking it "beyond a protest." According to Conyers, the "capitalist system is broken." … [Read more...]

North Koreans Praise ‘Biggest Protest Against Capitalism in 300 Years’

New Zeal Communist North Korea is very excited about the international "Occupation" movement. Surprised? From Pyongyang based Korea Central News Agency, October 18: The working masses' struggle against capitalism was staged all at once across the world on Oct. 15 and 16. This was the biggest organized one ever in history of capitalism spanning more than 300 years. Taking part in it were millions of … [Read more...]

Communism is Dying? 80 Million Chinese Reds Beg to Differ

New Zeal Many Western commentators would tell you that communism is dying in China and will eventually be replaced by capitalism and maybe even a western style "democracy." Others will tell you that we don't have to fear China, because the country has huge internal problems and may eventually fall apart. Both views are, in my opinion, grossly naive and wishful thinking. China in my view is following … [Read more...]

New Black Panthers Gird Your Loins, This Is War Against Capitalist Bloodsucker America

NoisyRoom NakedEmperorNews Gird Your Loins, This Is War Against Capitalist Bloodsucker America: New Black Panther President Shabazz Tells Harlem Audience To Fight War Here At Home … [Read more...]