Washington Post’s Misdiagnosis of Obama’s Middle East Failing

By: Michael Widlanski Accuracy in Media (Exclusive to Accuracy in Media) Sometimes it is enough to see, not to analyze. The picture in The Washington Post of Barack Obama with Benjamin Netanyahu says it all. Obama looks like he bit off a huge piece of gefilte fish smothered by extra strong horseradish. He seems torn by the urge to spit and the diplomatic need to swallow. The Post article under the … [Read more...]

Mark Musser: Marxism, Eschatology & Black Liberation Theology, Live-Streaming

Gulag Bound's dissident author, Mark Musser is a participant in live-streamed conference, “Role of the Christian in the National Entity.” His presentation, "Marxism and Eschatology," will include the white hot topic, black liberation theology. It will take place, Wednesday, March 14 at 3:10pm CDST. Link for live-streaming: deanbible.org Other presentations should also be of interest to those who run with the … [Read more...]