Obama the Anti-American, Now Defies the Court for Amnesty & #NAU

Obama the neo-Marxist "community organizer" gets with the racists of the Hispanic world. Via CNN, "President Barack Obama addresses the National Council of La Raza annual conference Monday in Washington," AFP photo "The lawless one," in the White House. President Antithesis (it's like what Antichrist is to Jesus, but different... well, sort of different). Obama defies judge, forges ahead with amnesty As to … [Read more...]

CONGRATS, TEXAS! Valerie Jarrett Working Behind the Scenes to Cede Your State to Mexico

Doug Ross @ Journal President Jarrett is reportedly the driving force behind a campaign designed to turn Texas blue through illegal immigration, thereby ensuring that all presidential elections end up with a Democrat victor. According to Capitol Hill sources, de facto president Valerie Jarrett wants Texas and its 38 electoral votes... badly. More troubling is she has apparently been working very hard to make the … [Read more...]

Tragic Boehner Boners Abound in ‘CROmnibus’ Funding Bill!

UPDATED via comments   What is John Boehner thinking? Perhaps I'll take time to expound upon the answer (below) to my own question a bit later, but look at the loopholes in a CROmnibus that deserves to be thrown over the fiscal cliff. Republicans leaving anti-rights restoration provision in appropriations bill Holey cow, the loopholes! It's a golden calf for amnesty. The big, central bankster … [Read more...]

Jerry Brown’s Destruction of California

While driving home yesterday, I made the mistake of turning on the radio.  I thought it would be a relaxing way to spend the drive and it was until a local news station began talking about the increased crime rate in California. I soon remembered what I guess I had tried to forget and that was Jerry Brown’s signing into law of AB109.  This Assembly Bill is Brown’s attempt to “close the revolving door” on low-level … [Read more...]

The President Has Sided With a Foreign Government – Against a US State

In this recent YouTube video, Professor Terry J. Lovell discusses Arizona's immigration law, SB1070. Says Lovell: "The President of the United States, in a move that is absolutely without precedent in the history of our nation, has sided with a foreign government against a US state." "Let that sink in." "Mr. Obama is on the side of the Mexican drug cartels, the human traffickers, the kidnappers, and the … [Read more...]

Update: Copy of their Letter – ICE Union Votes No Confidence In “Poiticized” Leadership

This report from worth-reading-blog.blogspot.com "ICE agents through their union claim their leaders have little regard for the safety of American people. Their union has released a letter announcing its recent unanimous “vote of no confidence” in ICE agency heads, accusing them of “misleading the American public” regarding illegal immigration in order to further a pro-amnesty agenda." h/t Things Worth … [Read more...]

Drunk Driver Kills Nun; By The Way, He Was An Illegal Immigrant

As reported by nbcwashington.com "Denise Mosier, a 66-year-old nun, was killed in a collision in Prince William County when police said a drunken driver crossed the center line and hit the car she was riding in head-on. The three nuns in the car were headed to a retreat at the Saint Benedict Monastery in Bristow about five miles away from the scene of the crash on Bristow Road near Wright Lane at … [Read more...]

Will Obama ‘Persuade’ Americans their Slavery is Inevitable?

For months, virtually each and every day Usurper-and-Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama has been removing one or more of We-the-People’s liberties. Whether one wishes to ignore it or not, Obama is now in an all-out war against the American people and their soon-to-be former way of life. And he has no intention of stopping until American citizens are slaves to The Obama and illegal immigrants (aka “Obama … [Read more...]

More on USCIS Memo & Blanket Amnesty to Illegals

This follows up the initial GulagBound, article, by NumbersUSA, "USCIS Memo Details Administration’s Plan to Provide Mass Amnesty Through Administrative Actions." That article described a leaked Obama administration memo which discussed tactics of granting amnesty to large numbers of illegal aliens, by executive order. See the following In FoxNews.com: "GOP Lawmakers Want Explanation of Draft Memo on Amnesty … [Read more...]

USCIS Memo Details Administration’s Plan to Provide Mass Amnesty Through Administrative Actions

Originally posted in NumbersUSA A newly revealed memo, obtained by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) who is leading the fight against amnesty, shows Obama Administration officials offering a detailed plan that would offer actual or de facto amnesty to millions of illegal aliens without Congress ever taking a vote. The 11-page memo, drafted by Chief of Policy and Strategy for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services … [Read more...]

A Few Evangelical Leaders Caving to Amnesty Thrust of Global Neo-Marxism

See Dick.  See Dick run from foundational American principles.  See Dick the Evangelical fail to recognize what Scripture teaches about the institution of the nations, of their sovereignty, and of their need for national integrity and the rule of law.  See Dick run.  Run, Dick, run! Richard Land Dick, in this instance is Richard D. Land, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern … [Read more...]