Michael Scheuer Tells Why Our Corrupt Politicos Favor Mass Destruction in Syria

Listen to ex-CIA analyst Michael Scheuer. He explains the Saudi and factional Israeli influences upon corrupt Washington politicians, causing them to force our patriotic, reluctant, and war-weary military heroes into perverse and extremely inflammatory aggression upon the sovereign nation of Syria. No pull quotes given. Just hear the essentials about this travesty, from end to end. Video, "CIA Analyst … [Read more...]

‘Make Them Pay for Their Crimes’: Hacker Group Anonymous Issues Chilling Warning to Israel Conference

NoisyRoom Read more at The Blaze... A horrific diatribe from Anonymous in a hate-filled message for Israel. These are the true terrorists - monsters. Citizens of the World. We are Anonymous. Just a few weeks ago, we declared our crusade against the government of Israel and all supporting counterparts for their involvement in war propaganda, crimes against humanity, and the systematic genocide and … [Read more...]