Anita MonCrief: I Have Obama’s Secret Donor List

This weekend, ACORN whistle blower Anita MonCrief revealed how she witnessed ACORN, in concert with its sister organization, ProjectVote, corrupt the 2008 presidential election in favor of Barack Obama. In an interview on The Sean Hannity Show, Moncrief said, "ACORN was flooding the election offices with massive amounts of bogus registrations." "Anita MonCrief on Sean Hannity Radio Show," TheRightScoop in … [Read more...]

Evidence of (MS)NBC & YouTube Working Hand in Glove with Soros, ACORN, & Obama in 2008

How so, you ask? This blog article presents strong evidence, with a satisfactory explanation, albeit not an elaborate essay, to accompany it.  So, who would like to write the essay?  We sure don't have time tonight, but here is the link to... "NBC/MSNBC & YouTube Teamed with Progressive Orgs with Financial Ties to ACORN in 2008" RedState (an unfortunate name, bless their hearts, which is a … [Read more...]

Facts Obama Doesn’t Want You to Connect

What really happened during the 2008 elections? Recent information regarding the primary caucuses paints the picture of a campaign that would stop at nothing to win. A campaign that was willing to strong arm candidates and volunteers in order to meet its goal. The documentary We Will Not Be Silenced delves into the Obama 2008 Campaign. “We believe The Democratic National Committee (DNC) made a grave error by … [Read more...]

Civil Right’s Division Directs Case Awards to “Activist Groups” by Justice Department Rules

Posted from "The new Civil Rights Division tactic represents a departure from a fundamental principle of such cases, which is the pursuit of justice on behalf of actual victims...says Bob Driscoll,"The practice of the Civil Rights Division steering settlement funds to favored advocacy groups is at odds with both civil rights laws and common sense. If Congress wants to fund certain … [Read more...]

James Simpson’s Cloward-Piven, Manufactured Crisis Articles

I have provided links below to my series on the Cloward-Piven Strategy of Manufactured Crisis. These articles span three years and provide a wealth of information regarding how this strategy has been implemented by the Left and how it is being implemented today by the Obama administration:   2007  What We Face - this article discusses the Crisis strategy as it relates to the 2007 amnesty bill that was … [Read more...]

Revealed: The Obama Donor List – FEC Complaint to Follow

"The release of the Obama donor list to the public will be followed by a formal complaint to the FEC, which both Obama and ACORN will have to respond to – on-the-record." For a number of years traditional print media has been on life support, but after the revelations from  Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller, it looks like someone finally pulled the plug. The expose on Journolist, a now defunct, listserv that … [Read more...]

Anita MonCrief On Fan The Fire Saturday 7/24, 9-11 EDT

Our friend and freedom fighter, Anita MonCrief, has been a very busy activist. This week, Anita launched, while attending the Right Online Conference in Las Vegas. The new site launched with an article called, "REVEALED: The Obama Donor List." As an ACORN insider, MonCrief was to be a confidential source to the New York Times, during the 2008 election season (via Times reporter, Stephanie … [Read more...]