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Philip Haney’s Paul Revere Ride to Warn Michigan Voters about Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed

The United West Source: Conservative HQ, July 23, 2018 Our friend Philip Haney, retired DHS terrorist investigator, is on a mission to help the voters of Michigan understand Political Islam and its potential impact on the outcome of the August 7th Michigan Primary election. Why Michigan? Because Michigan’s history has produced the perfect storm where an extreme Leftist Democrat, who is also a … [Read more...]

Trade: The Pain to the Farmers Just Cost Us $12 Billion

Founders Code BAILOUT Short term pain? Does that $12 billion in emergency funding come back into the Treasury at some point? Beyond farmers, will there eventually be some emergency funding for those in the energy industry or to the fisherman? China is waiting it out… but was all this thought out? Anyone remember BRICS? “The BRICS bloc – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – are expected to … [Read more...]

The Fascinating Facts Behind the Release of Otto Warmbier

Founders Code Hat tip to GQ for this summary. While this publication for the most part is all things anti-Trump, the author does provide to the reader the back channel steps in the mission to get Otto home. They do give some praise to President Trump for his aggressive and immediate authorization to fly that plane to Pyongyang. It also does prove that when all lanes are going the same direction, government does … [Read more...]

PBS, The Un-American Classroom

By: Tabitha Korol Soon after the horrific bombing of the World Trade Center, I happened upon a television production of the history of Islam presented by PBS, an American public broadcaster and television program distributor, self-declared as “America’s largest classroom.”  This trusted provider of television programming reaches 350 member-television stations, educational institutions, non-profit groups tied … [Read more...]

Nikki Haley Goes To War At The UN: ‘Every Day I Feel Like I Put Body Armor On’ Nikki Haley could arguably be president one day. She's absolutely fearless and I admire her a great deal. One the best things President Trump ever did was appoint her as the ambassador to the feckless United Nations. Haley was a lioness in her stance in defense of Israel and moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. She was also unstoppable over North Korea and she has more than once put Iran back on … [Read more...]

Former U.S. Officials Sell Out and Now Lobby for Communist China It would seem that it does not take much for one-time U.S. officials to sell out to the highest bidder... this time, it is the Chinese. These individuals are now lobbyists for the communist Chinese -- a stone cold enemy of the United States and a threat to our existence. Where does business end and treason begin here? Evidently loyalty ends where their bank accounts begin. As China becomes … [Read more...]

The Demand for Ortega to Step Down

Founders Code In recent weeks, the Ortega regime has killed an estimated 350 innocent citizens. Anyone besides Senator Rubio paying attention? Thousands of people marched yesterday in Nicaragua to demand that President Daniel Ortega step down. The demonstrations over proposed benefit cuts, which began three months ago, are expected to continue today. Human rights groups say about 300 people have been … [Read more...]

Actually Montenegro is a Big Deal

Founders Code A recent debate about Montenegro’s NATO membership has put the spotlight on this Western Balkan country. But it is not the first time that it has been at the centre of political debate and international attention. A recent study by the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) focuses on the interest of the Kremlin in Montenegro, and on how several well-known influence tactics, among them … [Read more...]

Under New Leadership, Cuba Moderating?

Founders Code The constitutional reforms, which have not been approved but were broadly outlined in the official Granma newspaper, were prepared by a commission headed by former ruler Raúl Castro. They include creating the post of prime minister, who would be in charge of the Council of Ministers and the administration of the government, in collaboration with a president and vice president. “The changes … [Read more...]

Is John Brennan Exploiting his Security Clearance for Money?

Founders Code Hat tip to Senator Rand Paul: Former Obama National Security Council advisor and Director of the CIA, John Brennan, is constantly on CNN. When there is a commercial break, Brennan is tweeting: Why does Brennan still have a security clearance? Brennan spent 25 years at the CIA. He was once the station chief in Saudi Arabia and worked as a Near East and South Asia analyst. Given … [Read more...]

Interracial Couple Celebrates 41st Wedding Anniversary

By: Lloyd Marcus I did not realize it at the time that 46 years ago, God gave me an incredible gift. He gave me Mary. My marriage was on the rocks. We were living in Edgewater apartments in Essex, Maryland. On my way to the parking lot, a cute blonde hippie neighbor asked my help. She had locked herself out of her apartment and asked it I could climb through her window and open the door. I could have been … [Read more...]

8 KEY TAKEAWAYS: A Deep Dive into the Scandalous FISA Warrant Used to Spy on the Trump Campaign

Doug Ross @ Journal For those who haven't had the time to review the 412-page FISA application that was used to spy on the Trump campaign, I've culled a few key highlights. 1. The Application Lied About Carter Page Carter Page is described as "an agent of a foreign power", which was and is clearly not the case. Carter Page is walking around free as a bird, giving interviews to anyone who asks, and stating that … [Read more...]

The Rainbow Conspiracy Part 14: Stealth Socialist Steve Phillips Backs David Garcia, Plots Turning Arizona Permanently Blue

New Zeal The Rainbow Conspiracy Part 13 here. David Garcia is no moderate grassroots Democrat. He is backed by some of the most powerful leftist donors in America. His campaign is run by committed hardcore Marxists who have already taken down two of Arizona's most powerful politicians. They have a well-developed plan to exploit the Latino vote to turn Arizona permanently blue. Influential San Francisco … [Read more...]

Georgia Conservatives Should Vote For Brian Kemp: Trevor Loudon Interviews Jeanne Seaver

New Zeal Brian Kemp or Casey Cagle? Georgia conservatives face a momentous choice in this Tuesday's Republican gubernatorial run-off. Jeanne Seaver is a veteran Savannah-based grassroots conservative. She was ?hired as ?the grassroots coordinator for the Trump campaign in Georgia. Trevor Loudon is a true Southerner. From New Zealand, Loudon takes a strong interest in Georgia politics and has addressed … [Read more...]

Putin Must Bring the KGB Files when he Visits the White House

Founders Code There is much anticipation of the repatriation of the POW/MIAs from North Korea as a result of the Singapore Summit. As of the time of this post, none have been returned, but coordination is still underway as stated by the U.S. State Department. But, it must be understood, the KGB, now FSB, maintains files on many American military personnel that in fact ended up in Soviet military hospitals … [Read more...]

The Coming Defeat of Judge Brett Kavanaugh

America's Survival "I do not believe Kavanaugh will be confirmed," says Phillip L. Jauregui of the conservative Judicial Action Group. "Kavanaugh is going to be stopped." The legal scholar predicts conservative Senators are beginning to understand Kavanaugh's objectionable rulings on religious freedom, abortion, Obamacare and other cases. Host Cliff Kincaid also brings up Kavanaugh's ruling in favor of Obama's … [Read more...]

Putin vs. McFaul, DHS, Browder and Why

Founders Code It all comes down to the Magnitsky Act. In short Vladimir Putin is furious over this law and other countries are slowly setting it as law as well, most recently it appears, Spain. When President Trump met with Putin in Helsinki, that was part of the discussion, repeal the law or apply waivers and allow Moscow access to key people, such as Bill Browder, a British citizen, former Ambassador … [Read more...]

Iran to Hit Infrastructure with Cyber Attack

Founders Code Primer: (Reuters) – Iran has built a factory that can produce rotors for up to 60 centrifuges a day, the head of its atomic agency said on Wednesday, upping the stakes in a confrontation with Washington over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear work. Under the terms of the 2015 agreement, which was also signed by Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany, Iran agreed to curb its nuclear program in … [Read more...]

Elections’ Voter Registration System and the Russian Investor

Founders Code Remember the outrage when sites all over the Internet published items that Soros owned the voting machines? Remember that same outrage when Soros invested heavily in the states' secretaries that were responsible for the respective elections process? Remember the outrage that a Russian investor was able to buy American uranium in a deal concocted by Hillary? We learned then about the Committee for … [Read more...]

Webinar Podcast: Rick Green and Catherine Engelbrecht Support Patrick Colbeck for Governor of Michigan

The United West What Other Candidate for Governor Has This  Depth of Understanding and Respect for the Uniqueness of the Constitution Plus a Principled Solution to Preserve It Via the Education of our Children? PATRICK COLBECK FOR GOVERNOR OF MICHIGAN Why is it important that Constitution experts such as Rick Green and Catherine Engelbrecht support a 2018 Michigan candidate?   They will tell you the … [Read more...]

Pork Still Lives in the Swamp

Founders Code Primer: On January 17, 2018, Rep. Rooney stated, “you can’t do jack s— for your constituents” without earmarks. Perhaps Rep. Rooney’s successor will find a way to do his or her job without resorting to the most wasteful and corrupt practice in congressional history. $11,000,000 for the aquatic plant control program, an increase of 22.2 percent from the $9 million earmarked in FY 2017, and … [Read more...]

Russia’s Operations Against the US Explained at Aspen Security Forum

Founders Code Associated Press Published on Jul 18, 2018 (19 Jul 2018) FBI Director Christopher Wray says Russia is trying to influence opinions and sow discord and divisiveness in the U.S. Wray spoke at the opening event of the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado. (July 19) Meanwhile, there has been substantial theories and responses due to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of the 13 Russians … [Read more...]

Socialists Unite! Bolshevik Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez Campaign Together in Kansas Just as I predicted, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, fresh off her win in New York against Democratic incumbent Rep. Joseph Crowley, has hit the campaign trail with big name leftists. This time it's in Kansas with Bolshevik Bernie Sanders. It's a socialist dream come true. Ocasio-Cortez may not be able to tell you the difference between socialists and Democratic Socialists of America (there really is … [Read more...]

Alleged Russian Agent Maria Butina Infiltrates U.S. Political Organizations Frankly, when this first came to my attention a few days ago, I didn't believe it. I should have because it looks very credible. A 29 year-old Russian woman named Maria Butina is now being formally accused of working as a foreign agent -- read Kremlin spy -- while living and going to school here in the United States. She also allegedly offered to have sex with an unnamed person in return for a … [Read more...]

Democrats Spend Heavy on Lie-Filled Ads Early

By: Lloyd Marcus In the House and Senate races, Democrats are stealthily pouring in tons of money early to demonize Republican candidates before our supporters become engaged. Once our candidate has been branded, the spawn-of-Satan before campaigning really begins and it is extremely challenging to change voter's perception of them. My wife Mary and I are in Montana with the Conservative Campaign Committee … [Read more...]

Weekly Featured Profile – Kurt Stand Kurt Stand, is a former convicted East German spy, now active in the leadership of Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America. He was introduced to the Stasi (East German intelligence), in 1972 by his father Mille Stand, a longtime Communist Party USA member and a young refugee from Nazi Germany. In 1970, at a university in Milwaukee, Stand joined the Communist Party USA youth organization, the … [Read more...]

The Marxist Radicals Behind Anti-Trump Protests In England

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal The London branch of the Marxist Women's March, which is closely allied to Black Lives Matter UK, was a prominent organizer of the anti-Trump protests last week, in addition to a group of far-left radical individuals and organizations seeking to ban President Trump from visiting England called the "Stop Trump Coalition," which included several columnists from The Guardian and numerous … [Read more...]

Trump Goes to Russia… Leftists Have the Meltdown Heard Around the World President Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday in Helsinki, Finland. This post is going to give you my view of the entire event and it's probably going to tick off both sides. I will tell you I think yesterday was a mistake by President Trump. He has done tremendous things since coming into office and I think the purpose of the trip was to mend fences with an old foe so we … [Read more...]

The Rainbow Conspiracy Part 13: Steve Phillips and Marxists Team-up to Elect Ben Jealous Governor of Maryland

New Zeal The Rainbow Conspiracy Part 12 here. Electing Ben Jealous would be a disaster for Maryland and for the country. He is a far-left socialist, backed by out-and-out Marxists at every level of his campaign. The Republican Party needs to get serious about exposing Jealous, his stealth socialist financial angel Steve Phillips and the army of grass-roots communists now door-knocking across Maryland for their … [Read more...]

Pro-Abortion Brett Kavanaugh Must Go

America's Survival President Trump broke his campaign promise to pro-lifers when he nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Ricardo Davis of Georgia Right to Life calls Kavanaugh's pro-abortion position "morally reprehensible" and urges pro-lifers and conservatives to demand Kavanaugh's withdrawal and for Trump to replace him with a real pro-life nominee such as Amy Coney Barrett. From … [Read more...]