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Collectivism, Socialism, Communitarianism, World Change: 40 Quotes to Make You Think

By: Carl Teichrib from Forcing Change (April, 2013) The March edition of Forcing Change tackles the issue of social change, Communism, and world transformation. In it, there is a section of quotes detailing Communist aspirations, internationalism, and “world government.” Taking these quotes, I have added others to the mix and present them here for your consideration. By doing this, it is my hope you will … [Read more...]

2008: Sarah Palin Warns an Obama Presidency would Embolden Putin to Invade Ukraine   Palin was right once again and Russia still has her sites on Alaska. Can you imagine how it would have been with Palin as President vs. Obama? Instead of the dream, we got a nightmare. Ousted Ukrainian President Yanukovych Appears before Media in Russia; Breaks Pen in Two in Show of Anger – Video 2/28/14 Obama Just 33 Minutes After Speaking on Russian “Military Movements” in Ukraine: … [Read more...]

South American Marxist Mayhem: Venezuela 2014

by Marcos Dutra   Since February the 12th, the Day of the Youth, a holiday in Venezuela, the country has been in chaos. Hundreds of thousands of students were followed in the next days by millions of peaceful protesters who demand an end to the dictatorial reign of Marxist terror, betrayal of the country to Cuba and total escalation of violence and corruption in Venezuela, in the largest demonstrations in … [Read more...]