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America’s Showdown 10-13-2013: Veterans March on DC and Truckers Roll – #T2SDA

Right Side News On October 13, 2013, American veterans and other patriots are going to launch a major protest. President Obama has been using the government shutdown as an excuse to commit a string of almost unbelievable public outrages against Americans everywhere. These include the following unbelievable eye-poppers: Denying treatments for children suffering from cancer Denying death benefit payments to … [Read more...]

Abusing the Bible for Your Despotic Desires is Unhealthy for You, Sojourners

  Like Barack Obama, Sojourners' founder, James Wallis speaks of some of his his past associations with Marxists and Marxism. And like Obama, but unlike Thomas Sowell, Joseph Farah, Mavin Olasky, and so many others, he fails to refute it all, now. Why? Very apparently, because like Obama, Wallis' Marxist methodology continues. Finding Sojourners up to their redistributive evils in Facebook today, I … [Read more...]

Go Truckers! – @T2SDA – #T2SDA

God bless our patriot truckers! Who is taking the drive and joining in?   "America’s Showdown 10-13-2013: Veterans March on DC and Truckers Roll"   #T2SDA This should not need to be said, but Gulag Bound does not endorse all the opinions of all the individuals and groups related in some way to this effort, nor is it possible for anyone to do that. Contributor: CJ in TX - @TelltheTruth1 Hat … [Read more...]

Hotel Obamacare – You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave! Cross-Posted at Right Wing News ROTFL... This is rich! Best title yet: We paid $634 million for the Obamacare sites and all we got was this lousy 404. Obama had three years, $634M and countless programmers to simply find out: what do you get when you put garbage in? Garbage out. Not tested, spaghetti code, incompetence and people who basically lined their pockets and just didn't give a flying crap … [Read more...]

Now, I’m In A Bad Moo-d Too – Evidently Our Navy Is Non-Essential Cross-Posted at Right Wing News Well, I didn't think I could get any more pissed today, but I'm there. First, I hear that Obama has blocked the death gratuity for families of fallen Rangers. But, I was heartened to hear a private foundation stepped up to the plate to help: After families of fallen U.S. military personnel were denied benefits due to the government shutdown, the Fisher House … [Read more...]

Who is Matt Bevin and Why Should You Care? (Hints: Senate, Kentucky)

Cross-posted at Stand for the Truth Matt Bevin is a Republican and businessman, who is running in the primaries against five-term incumbent Mitch McConnell, senior United States Republican Senator (House) from Kentucky, who was elected in 1985 and currently serves as Minority Leader of the Senate (since 2007). The question on everyone’s mind who is interested in this race is will Matt Bevin be just another … [Read more...]

Obama: It’s time for Americans to embrace my Dictatorship and their own slavery…or else

Acting more and more like a cheap version of Josef Stalin or even Hugo Chavez and, increasingly, drunk on his personally perceived  absolute power over US citizens, Obama is now openly attacking we Americans and all of our institutions.  His partial shutdown of the US government (aka “ObamaGov”) has allowed him to affect all manner of dark mischief against us and he is laughing even more voraciously at us, while he … [Read more...]

A Modern Paul Revere Visits Michigan

By: Dick Manasseri WatchdogWire To many Americans, Ted Cruz represents the resistance movement that it will take to reclaim America. Frank Beckmann, of WJR 760 AM, gave us an opportunity to hear from another ‘Paul Revere’ traveling the countryside with a wakeup call that Ted Cruz would certainly sanction. New Zealand researcher of the American Left, Trevor Loudon, provided Beckmann’s listeners with the brutal … [Read more...]

Diktating Truth – Obama Summons Media Lapdogs Cross-Posted at Right Wing News It gives a whole new meaning to "you better work, bitch." President Obama held an off-the-record meeting with five conservative journalists yesterday - he summoned them to discuss the so-called GOP shutdown, which in reality is the Dem shutdown: Present at the meeting were Charles Krauthammer, the Washington Post columnist and Fox News contributor; Paul Gigot, … [Read more...]

Is Obama the Only President Who Has Ignored the Constitution?

Cross-posted at Stand for the Truth One only has to turn on the television or read the latest article to find many instances where it appears that President Obama is violating the U.S. Constitution or coming close to it.  While much of the mainstream media reports these “violations,” the more left-leaning individuals are not in agreement as to whether there really have been violations. In December 2011, The … [Read more...]

Obama Uses Armed Gestapo-like Guard Tactics on Senior Citizens at Yellowstone Park Cross-posted at Right Wing News Because there's just no better way to show who's boss than scaring the living crap out of a bunch of elderly tourists from numerous countries. What a bunch of fascist asshats: Vaillancourt was one of thousands of people who found themselves in a national park as the federal government shutdown went into effect on Oct. 1. For many hours her tour group, which … [Read more...]

Ecuadorian President Projects Own Nazi Tendencies onto US Cross-Posted at Right Wing News Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa So the Ecuadorian President is comparing the US' talk of exceptionalism to Nazi Germany's rhetoric? Pardon me while I laugh at the finger pointing from another communist tyrant. This morning's giggle comes from The Daily Beast: Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa said that American exceptionalism is reminiscent of Nazism “before … [Read more...]

Double Standard: Obama Shutdown Move Persecutes Seniors at Wildlands

Cross-posted at Stand for the Truth The Obama administration was at it again recently when it announced that all people leasing private homes on Lake Mead (federal property) will not be allowed to stay in their homes overnight, thereby essentially forcing residents out of their homes, until the government shutdown is over.  Many of those who lease from the government at Lake Mead are the elderly. While it … [Read more...]

Obama Violating Military’s First Amendment Rights? Playing Games with Church Closure?

Cross-posted at Stand for the Truth By now, most Americans are  familiar with the recent government shutdown.  Who is to blame for the shutdown is hotly debated by the mainstream media and both the Republicans and Democrats in Congress.  It has been impossible to turn on the television without witnessing the “mudslinging” between the parties as to who is at fault. As a result of the government shutdown, there … [Read more...]

Harry Reid Gets His Jihad On Cross-Posted at Right Wing News Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has stepped into the governmental breach to take the lead and let President Obama go do more important things - like golf. He will take the reigns of the leadership in the fight over government funding and the debt limit. So, let me get this straight... the insane Progressives have decided to put senile Harry Reid in charge. How … [Read more...]

Phil Robertson’s Duck Call Against Censorship Cross-posted at Right Wing News Seems I'm always late to the fun... I was not watching Duck Dynasty because it sounded like another reality show to me. Boy, was I wrong. I finally decided to watch after catching one of my favorite shows with Tim Allen, Last Man Standing. I adore Allen, so when he had the guys on his show and there was dinner and a prayer at the end of the episode, I was smitten. … [Read more...]

NBC, Saturday Night Live Scraping the Perverted, Progressive Bottom; NSFW* *[Im]mature content: This is not safe for work and potentially offensive (Oh, who the hell am I kidding... it's absolutely offensive!). Welcome to Progressive morals -- where projection is the name of the game and everything perverted the Left wallows in, they accuse the Right of. Were your kids asleep when this played? It's possibly the most offensive thing I've seen in a long, long time. I … [Read more...]

Amnesty is Alive and Well and Moving Forward Cross-Posted at Right Wing News and Gateway Pundit Evan McGlinn for The New York Times Lest you mistakenly thought that Amnesty had faded away, no it hasn't. Marxists and illegal aliens across the US are still pushing it -- hard. With the help of Progressives on both sides of the Aisle, from Nancy Pelosi on the Left to Paul Ryan on the Right: Thousands of supporters of an immigration … [Read more...]

Obama Flips America the Bird National Park Service Blocks Access to Roadside Pull-Overs (Gannett) This has gone beyond absurd. First we have the spectacle of WW II veterans being denied access to the WW II Memorial, an open air monument that never closes and is never specifically attended by anyone except the normal Park Police patrol. The patrol goes on by the way. It took added manpower to erect barriers to the … [Read more...]

John McCain Examined

Crossposted at Stand for Truth Sometimes, the best way to better understand a person and to figure out what makes him or her tick is to take a look at their background.  Gathering historical and psychological data helps to piece together the facets of one’s life so that a pattern of future behavior can be formulated or explained.  In taking a closer look at John McCain’s life, one is immediately struck by his … [Read more...]

Obama: I Won’t Violate The Constitution, Unless You Make Me… Cross-Posted at Right Wing News Political bridge-building is usually considered a good thing, but when the "bridge" you are building is the abridgement of the separation of powers, not so much. More Obama Domestic Abuse: Now Look What You Made Me Do… on tap. In an alarming development, word comes from Mark Levin and others in Congress that the President is prepping to raise the debt ceiling … [Read more...]

Note to the GOP: Do Not Negotiate With Progressive Thugs Cross-Posted at Right Wing News Chris Muir at Day by Day Cartoon: Barrycade Our Progressive government is very intent on punishing America for not following their edicts. The acolytes who work for the government and the Obama Administration have been given their marching orders: “It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation,” an angry Park Service ranger in Washington says of the … [Read more...]

Economically – That Ain’t The Way To Have Fun, Son… Cross-Posted at Right Wing News TheBlaze TV - David Buckner   Oh, how I can relate... Can you say Wiemar Republic? Tripping through economic news this morning, I came upon a Financial Times piece entitled: Global economy in ‘epic scale’ change, says IMF’s Lagarde. Basically, it states that the whole global landscape is in upheaval, but not to worry... Since the US has decided not … [Read more...]

Obama Says Strikers Should be Fired (Video)

By: James Simpson In his unguarded minutes, or perhaps more to the point, when he doesn't have his handlers, scripts and teleprompters with him, sham "President" Obama reveals what a grossly incompetent idiot he really is. On October 3, 2013, Obama spoke at a “minority owned” business in Rockville, MD, a DC suburb, and blamed Republicans for the shutdown. It was obviously a sympathetic, mostly … [Read more...]

Obama Domestic Abuse: Now Look What You Made Me Do… Cross-Posted at Right Wing News Jon McNaughton - One Nation Under Socialism Obama is punishing America and her heroes any way he can. He's punching us in the face, while proclaiming to the Republicans: "Now look what you made me do!" He's guilty of domestic abuse on America. Small wonder... Mooch must beat the crap out of his Marxist little soul when he gets home at night. I mean, have you seen her … [Read more...]

Gut the Progressive GOP: Boehner Conspires with Reid for Personal Advantage Cross-Posted at Right Wing News John Boehner needs to go - yesterday. This proves everything we have been saying forever. In an effort to tear the GOP apart (and it is working), the Progressive Dems have leaked emails written by House Speaker John Boehner's Chief of Staff, Mike Sommers. Turns out, Boehner has been supposedly coordinating with Senate Majority and head weasel Harry Reid to exempt … [Read more...]

Leftists Now Advancing from Nudge, to Shove, to Shoot Cross-Posted at Right Wing News Twitter - Hat Tip: The Anchoress So, the Left is getting their violence on and showing their true Marxist face. Enlightening. Talk is cheap, comments are priceless: Are they insane? Why, yes... they are. And it just keeps getting better. The Progressives seem to be just itching for a second, bloody civil war here in the States. The New Republic all but … [Read more...]

Obamacare Sabotage for Global Elitists: the Designed Failure of our Healthcare System

The "Affordable Care Act" or Obamacare was never designed to make healthcare more affordable or give more people access to it. It will fail, and was designed to fail. Such failure is what happens in an orchestrated plan to overwhelm the system. Even if its planners were doing it with the best of intentions, which is not the case, overhauling an entire health care system is healthcare suicide. All the evidence … [Read more...]

Untited States’ Sabotage at Highest Level(s) of Government; Got 10 Minutes?

  Gadi Adelman is an internationally recognized anti-terrorism expert who was born in the USA and grew up in Israel. In 1981, Gadi returned to the US and began warning law enforcement and government agencies about the "jihad" coming to US shores. They actually laughed at him. Today... with the exception of Obama and his minions... no one is laughing anymore.   "The Washington Terrorist Love … [Read more...]