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Ted Cruz Gets 8 Min Standing Ovation: Ponder Pelosi As Speaker – Unions Drive Communism In US

Maggie's Notebook Senator Ted Cruz received an 8-minute standing ovation when he returned to Texas today. Let the left and the only-slightly-right establishment yap on. We have Defending Fathers and Mothers out there. Cruz has been Palinized, and like Sarah, he doesn’t give a fruity fig. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) stood with Cruz and spoke like a true statesman on Obamacare every time I heard him speak. Lee had a … [Read more...]

The Looming Threat of Hyperinflation Approaches – Diversify Now Cross-Posted at Right Wing News James Rawles of Survival Blog is someone that I have long trusted and admired. He has been a stable voice in the wilderness as the US rockets towards an impending financial catastrophe brought on by Progressive Marxists on both sides of the political aisle. He is famous for telling people to 'hold' and not run for cover - until now. America had better listen... a … [Read more...]

Press Conference Oct. 24, New York: Terrorism & Tea Party: Who’s Hiding What in NYC Mayoral Contest?

New Zeal Trevor Loudon will be among the speakers at this event. Terrorism and the Tea Party: Who’s Hiding What in the NYC Mayoral Contest? Press conference, October 24, Hotel Pennsylvania (across from Penn Station) 401 7th Ave, New York, NY, 10001 Golden Room, , 12:30 – 3:00 pm Contact: Cliff Kincaid, 443-964-8208. An October 24 press conference in New York … [Read more...]

Graphic of the Moment: Tea or Kool-Aid, Which One are You Drinking?

Here is an anti-syllogism for you. A syllogism is a tool of logic organized: first premise, second premise, conclusion. A logical syllogism does not go like this: 1. Obamacare is being shown more and more, to be the (fascist) train wreck it is, devastating to Americans trying to become self-sufficient. 2. Tea Party patriots, intent upon saving America from its devastation and unconstitutional, socialist … [Read more...]

Dragon Day: Red Dawn for Intellectuals

American Thinker China, by far the largest single owner of U.S. Treasury debt, has been abandoning Treasury bonds to invest directly in U.S. land, building and businesses. Recently, China entered an agreement with the European Union to swap currencies, forgoing purchases of U.S. dollars -- the world's reserve currency -- to finance transactions. Both of these activities are a consequence of the risk associated … [Read more...]

Quiz Time! What is: Corporatism?

Put it in a sentence! Please place your answer(s) in comments, below! Also, any links to resources that describe it accurately! Hint 1!  People say it's bad and it is! But it doesn't mean what people are told by the Marxstream media! - and by many of the Marxoids in education! Feel free to look it up before responding or not! Gulag prizes offered (no value stated)! Hint 2!  Obamacare is a classic example of … [Read more...]

The Tea Party and the Mad Hatter Cross-Posted at Right Wing News Barack in Wonderland Down the rabbit hole America goes... but soon Obama the Mad Hatter will be dealing with the Tea Party. While he spouts his Marxist insanity, his media minions are in overdrive. Witness the shifting of the propagandic media from Newsweek to Bloomberg's Businessweek. Looks like Miley Cyrus is not the only twerker on the national … [Read more...]

The Big Shove Towards Amnesty (with big help from George Soros) Cross-Posted at Right Wing News and Gateway Pundit George Soros And the war rages on... Next stop -- illegal immigration and Amnesty for 33 million, solidifying Marxist control of the US and the fall of the Republic. The George Soros-funded National Immigration Forum (NIF) is organizing a “fly-in” of Progressive conservatives from across the country aimed at lobbying House Republicans for the … [Read more...]

The Mirror Image of Bill Ayers and a Modern Patriot By: Nelson Abdullah Conscience of a Conservative George Orwell's predictions in 1984, which he wrote in 1949, were 30 years too soon. His other predictions in the Animal Farm have already come to pass. The writing on the barn wall in that famous post war story about the threat of communism is ringing as true today as when Orwell wrote: "All animals are created equally." but the pigs changed it to … [Read more...]

Mitch McConnell’s Bloody Obamacare/Debt-Ceiling Pork – GRETA UPDATE

Scroll for update We're grateful to the Lord for Jim Hoft after his blood infection stemming from knee surgery. (Hospitals and clinics can be dangerous, even before Obamacare.) May the prayers continue - for Jim and for the safety and health of all patriot activists and true-to-America journalists. He's back at Since everything in this post on the Obamacare-and-debt-ceiling corruption of … [Read more...]

John Boehner: What Changed Him?

Cross-posted at Stand for the Truth Who is John Boehner and was there an event or series of events that changed him?  We know some things about his political career and decisions he has made, but in order to really know someone, it helps to start from the beginning and look at his life before and after a “rise to power”. In John Boehner’s case, his power is that of being the 61st and current Speaker of the … [Read more...]

China May Step-up Push for Alternative Currency Cross-Posted at Right Wing News The fall of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency is rapidly approaching. It heralds a financial collapse that will rock our nation. Obama has all but ensured that this will occur in the near future. He planned for it and it is what he wants. America will fall to her knees and no longer lead the world. The world's shining light will succumb to the darkness … [Read more...]

Marxists Discuss Tea Party ‘Right’

New Zeal Two Marxists from Democratic Socialists of America discuss the Tea Party "right." They are scared, because they understand the Tea Party's power better than the Tea Party does. … [Read more...]

How Many MSNBC, Rachel Maddow Lies Can You Count About Veterans’ March?

To add to our Marxsteam Media and “Neo-Marxism Planned Mayhem”collections ... Who wishes to count them and let us know? We replay the video, you report! God decides. Thank you no, thank you. Video, 10/16, "MSNBC Caught Framing Vets With Edited Video" At least back in the day, Tokyo Rose played some nice music and had a pleasant radio voice. By the way, about the Confederate Flag, … [Read more...]

Trevor Loudon’s Three Remaining Massachusetts Events

By: Trevor Loudon New Zeal These are the remaining Massachusetts dates. Trevor Loudon, will be speaking tomorrow evening in Worcester. I urge you to attend this free event and invite your family and friends also. In 2012, the Northborough Tea Party proudly sponsored two standing-room-only presentations by Mr. Loudon. Based on pain-staking research, he described how widespread and deeply entrenched the … [Read more...]

Valerie Jarrett, the Night Stalker Shows Her Poker Face Cross-Posted at Right Wing News Given the daunting challenges that we face, it's important that president elect Obama is prepared to really take power and begin to rule day one. -- Valerie Jarrett And rule he has, just as a dictator would with Iranian born Valerie Jarrett controlling the narrative and actions of the federal government; both with a penchant for radical Islamic extremist groups … [Read more...]

Former SEAL Ben Smith on Obama Admin vs. Veterans: They’re using us – want us to do something (video)

The Obamunists have been engaged in psyops warfare against our military veterans for years now. It may have even began with the DHS under Bush. Why? (Don't you know why?) Video, "Former Navy Seal Ben Smith's Warning to America! and Oath Keepers at World War II Memorial"   "This can be absolutely planned and it's a conversation topic. They want us to do something. They either want to diminish our voice, or … [Read more...]

The Dishonoring of U.S. Veterans

Cross-posted at Stand For the Truth This weekend marked the “Million Vet March” in Washington, D.C.  The march was comprised of thousands of veterans, young and old, who simply had enough of the Obama Administration’s attempts to keep them out of memorials and other sites owned by the “people” of the United States and earned by the veterans who have served this country. The crowd reportedly demonstrated and … [Read more...]

Evolution is Revolution in Congress These Days Cross-Posted at Right Wing News So goes the back and forth on the debt ceiling deadline. It's boring faux theater. In the end, the Progressive Republicans will give the Progressive Democrats everything they want and will get nothing in return -- just as they planned it. This is all for show, nothing for action. It's the same thing every time -- utterly predictable. The players will all wait … [Read more...]

Sovereignty Unbound, Tonight: What Obamacare Means + What Norman Dodd Knew, Pt. 2, 10pm-M ET

Tonight on Sovereignty Unbound, CJ in TX and I will let Dave Ramsey tell us what "The Affordable Care Act" really means to American Citizens (it must be stopped) and then we'll dig right back into 20th Century reality, with Norman Dodd this time interviewed by Dr. Stanley Monteith. If you don't know who Norman Dodd is, it is all the more important to make sure you hear. We will follow-up about it in Gulag Bound, … [Read more...]

Obama Ratchets Up Cloward and Piven Hat Tip: BB Cross-Posted at Right Wing News It's looking to me like last weekend's snafu with the EBT cards wasn't so much a screw up as a dry run. The US Department of Agriculture is now telling states across the country that supplemental nutrition assistance programs (food stamps) will be halted indefinitely until further notice on November 1st if the Republicans don't cave to Obama and the … [Read more...]

America… Paying for Our Own Brainwashing Cross-Posted at Right Wing News And now you know why the government repealed the 'Domestic Propaganda' ban. Welcome to Health & Human Services TV: The Health and Human Services Television Network, HHS-TV, is a new and unique, commercial-free source for health and emergency preparedness information. From the world's leading experts, HHS-TV is the place to turn for high-quality medical, health … [Read more...]

EBT Looting Day: The Aggression of Hunger, Fear, and Entitlement Mentality Cross-Posted at Right Wing News The politics of hunger showed it's desperate face over the weekend. For a few hours, America was treated to a preview of the coming hunger riots when our economy eventually collapses. KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana News Weather The videos show incidences in Louisiana, but the outages on EBT cards occurred in 17 states. They say the people who could … [Read more...]

WalchDogWire: The Teamster and the Trucker

By: Dick Manasseri WatchDogWire On being tied to a union vs championing liberty The Teamster sits at home, Sunday morning, getting ready for the NFL schedule to unfold. The independent trucker drives his rig into D.C. to shut it down, to support the veterans who open up their own memorials, yesterday morning, with the help of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Sarah Palin. The Teamster smiles knowing that … [Read more...]

Lagarde Beckons the US to Commit Economic Suicide and Save Europe from Themselves Cross-Posted at Right Wing News Photo by: Alex Brandon So, Lagarde knows that 'entitlements' are a problem for the US down the road, but wants us to incur more debt right now to keep Europe from sliding into another recession. Where to start with this one. First off, the US committing economic Seppuku will not save Europe economically. They are toast and they have done it to themselves … [Read more...]

A Chinese call to end the use of the US dollar as the international reserve currency Cross-Posted at Right Wing News and Gateway Pundit “The United States is declining as a nation and as a world power with mostly sighs and shrugs to mark this seismic event. Astonishingly, some people do not appear to realize that the situation is all that serious.” Leslie Gelb, President Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, Foreign Affairs, May/June 2009 “A global economy requires a … [Read more...]

The Real Story of Opening the WW II Memorial Barricades on October 5th, 2013

Maggie's Notebook There is an inspiring story behind how the October 5th Honor Flight Veterans were able to enter the barricaded World War II Memorial on the National Mall. Manuel Vega (Manny) lives in the D.C. area. He is a Marine with 3 tours of duty in Iraq. He served 5 years with the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion at Camp Pendelton and was with the Staff NCO Academy at Marine Corps Base Quantico … [Read more...]

Obama’s Kathleen Sebelius Tells How They are Fascists, in 17 Seconds

Q:  What is Fascism? A:  It is what Fascists do. Listen to Kathleen Sebelius, Barack Obama and the Democrats' Director of the Department of Health and Human Services give us a textbook example of Fascism, in seventeen seconds. Presented at YouTube by "codefilms" with its caption: Sebelius: We Are Bringing Western Civilization to its Knees with Obamacare Published on Oct 8, 2013 In a bizarre statement, US … [Read more...]

Dick Armey and the Progressives on the Right – Conservative Betrayal Cross-Posted at Right Wing News This week, Glenn Beck revealed a story that I knew of some time ago -- not all the details, but the gist of it. When it occurred last year, I was horrified. But I believed that it would sort itself out in the end. I saw some negative fallout, but FreedomWorks seems to have recovered or is in the process of doing so. They are a wonderful organization and Constitutional … [Read more...]