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R.I.P. Marina Kalashnikova – May Your Memory be Honored

New Zeal - republished 08/05, 9;58am CT Has the criminal Russian state claimed another victim? Marina Kalashnikova died two days ago in Moscow of cancer. Both she and her husband Victor were diagnosed with mercury poisoning some time ago. As the physically smaller of the couple, Marina was affected more severely. Doctors told her her liver was compromised and that cancer was a strong possibility. I … [Read more...]

Major Alert, Monday Morning

I have information to convey that some may find beneficial and others may not appreciate. It could be described as going out on a limb. Please pardon the first person writing, here and in Monday morning's post. That is the way I have to say it. I had hoped to bring it together today, but it just seems Gulag Bound if you will, for the new day. Maybe that's because it will be Monday morning and it is time for … [Read more...]

Waking Up To War, Online The bite of reality will take America by storm, while her citizens are immersed in reality TV, the Chinese are engrossed in cyber warfare -- America is at war, right now on multiple fronts and from within. According to Bill Gertz at the Washington Free Beacon, a report entitled: Study on Space Cyber Warfare, written by four engineers working at a Chinese defense research center in Shanghai details … [Read more...]

Losing Private Ryan (Paul Ryan, Down with the RINOs)

Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-R) is proudly listed in the “Inaugural Class” of Aspen Institute’s “Rodel Fellowships in Public Leadership.” It would be a very good idea to keep track of them all, from his 2005 class onward, along with whomever else is blessed by this organization devoted to central bank cartel-backed, globalist (thus, anti-sovereignty; thus, essentially Antiamerican) transmutations. The reader will see that … [Read more...]

Progressivism is the Nail in Your Head

Or, Progs are from Marx, Patriots are from Virtue  How do progressives get people who don't want to do what progressives want, to do what they want? They have to either deceive, thieve, coerce, or manipulate conditions behind the scenes. Almost always, all of the above. It's Not About The Nail from Republic Content on Vimeo. And where this occurs, history tells us there is also, usually, murder. Our … [Read more...]

How Trustworthy is Our National Security Apparatus?

Accuracy in Media Two seemingly unrelated news stories this week raise far more questions than they answer, and demonstrate how the government should take a closer look at its own homeland security efforts. In the first case, we learned at a hearing from Deputy NSA Director John C. Inglis that the “phone logging effort” made by the NSA was not critical to thwarting 54 plots—it was critical instead to only … [Read more...]

Weekly Featured Profile: Joel Rogers

KeyWiki Joel Rogers is a prominent U.S. academic and far left activist. He is professor of law, political science and sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a long-time "government and campaign adviser and Democratic activist." A contributing Editor of The Nation and Boston Review, Rogers has received many academic honors and a MacArthur Foundation “genius” fellowship. Newsweek identified him … [Read more...]

Teaser: Barbara Lee and the Communists

New Zeal Most conservatives understand that California Congresswoman Barbara Lee is a far leftist, but I think few realize just how deep her commitment to the Communist cause is. Or that she is - to put it mildly, a security risk, In my new book: "The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress," I devote 10 of its 700 pages to Lee. Detailing her involvement with three Marxist … [Read more...]

Part 4: Former KGB Col. Victor Kalashnikov on the Snowden Affair, Russian Penetration of Western Countries & the Secret History of WWII

New Zeal By: J.R. Nyquist In Part 3 of this series former KGB analyst Victor Kalashnikov criticized the West’s academic experts on Russia. He said that these experts have never understood that Lenin was a “practical politician who discovered new methods for power.” According to Kalashnikov there is “a tremendous chain of continuity across all the ideologies from Soviet to Russian,” from the time of … [Read more...]

Formation of Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi Announced at Washington Press Conference [Video]

Accuracy in Media A newly formed Commission is determined to get to the bottom of the many questions surrounding the terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi last September 11th. The Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, organized by Accuracy in Media, held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C on July 30th to announce the launch of the fact-finding group. Four of the current … [Read more...]

Al Qaeda in New Zealand?

New Zeal Even in quiet peaceful New Zealand. MSNnews NZ There are al Qaeda operatives in New Zealand who were trained in camps overseas, Prime Minister John Key says. He was explaining on Thursday why the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) needs to have the authority to spy on New Zealanders on behalf of the police and the Security Intelligence Service (SIS). "In the real world, in New … [Read more...]