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Lord Monckton’s Remaining NZ Itinerary

New Zeal A great speaker, a scholar and a gentleman, former adviser to the late great Margaret Thatcher, and the world's most prominent debunker of the Global warming scam. Catch Lord Monckton while he's here in new Zealand. Don't miss the opportunity. Monday 15th April New Plymouth: 7.30pm, Devon Hotel and Conference Centre, 390 Devon St East $20 entry, $5 students. Door sales only- cash and … [Read more...]

Illegal Alien Propaganda: a Critical Lesson in Terminology & Tactics

Accuracy in Media As we once again face the specter of illegal alien amnesty, and the permanent Democratic majority it will guarantee, it is critical to understand how the Left plays. They are unethical to the core, but we are so frequently deluded by their tactical use of language and emotion, that we are unequipped to deal with them effectively. The result: they win. This cannot happen again, unless we are all … [Read more...]

Soviet Agent Award for Mother Jones Reporter

Accuracy in Media David Corn, the liberal writer and MSNBC analyst who based a story about Republican Senator Mitch McConnell on a secret and possibly illegal tape recording, is scheduled to accept an award named for Soviet agent of influence I.F. Stone. The identification of Stone as a Soviet agent is not in serious dispute, except among his most loyal and sycophantic followers. Equally scandalous, Corn … [Read more...]

Former Al Jazeera Producer ‘Humanizes’ Palestinians

Accuracy in Media   A former Al Jazeera producer who describes himself as Palestinian told the National Conference for Media Reform in Denver, “My job as someone in the media is to humanize my people, my heritage…” Ahmed Shihab-Eldin now hosts a show for HuffPost Live, an on-line television service associated with the far-left website. He told the audience, “I left Al Jazeera because as much as I enjoyed … [Read more...]

Media Working Hand in Glove with Democrats on Gun Legislation

Accuracy in Media Why do the media consider the filibuster a strong, principled stance under Democrat leadership, but an obstructionist tool when used by Republicans? This media double standard has been used consistently during the current and past administration, and is currently being used to shame Republicans on the gun control debate. “For a party who is commonly regarded as “inflexible” and “unwilling to … [Read more...]

FCC Chairman Wannabe Stars at Left-wing Media Conference

Accuracy in Media Denver, Colorado: As I waited to film an interview with Susan Crawford, who is being promoted by the left as the next FCC chairman, she could be overheard expressing a burning desire to get on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC program to attack the telecommunications industry. Crawford has written a new book, Captive Audience, which is popular and for sale here. Free market advocate Adam Thierer of … [Read more...]

Media Misrepresenting Obama’s Judicial Confirmations

Accuracy in Media The path to rule by executive order by the Obama Administration runs directly through the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. “There are few things more vital on the president’s second-term agenda,” Constitutional Accountability Center president Doug Kendall told The Washington Post last week. “With legislative priorities gridlocked in Congress, the president’s best hope for advancing his … [Read more...]

Communism Survivor Blasts Salem Gun Grabbers: ‘You Don’t Know What Freedom Is!’

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: Rodney Stubbs Read much, much more at Daylight Disinfectant... … [Read more...]

The Iron Lady Passes On

NoisyRoom It is with a heavy heart and genuine grief that I found out this morning that Maggie Thatcher passed away from a stroke. The world has lost a great, great soul and someone I looked up to. Heaven has gained a warrior and we have lost an angel. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher   Margaret Thatcher Dies After Stroke … [Read more...]

How North Korea Really Is a Menace; No Mere Phantom

NoKo-a-NoGo NoisyRoom North Korean and South Korean guards face each other in the Demilitarized Zone, 2011. Photo: Michael Jesus Day/Flickr America is on the brink of World War III, but seems to be more concerned with Beyonce and her Cuban exploits (she's a Marxist elitistist - what do you expect?), than impending nuclear annihilation. Bread and Circuses for all! Oooh! Look, shiny... Over the years, North … [Read more...]

Leftist ‘Media Reform’ Conference Underway in Denver

Accuracy in Media Denver, Colorado: Disgraced CBS newsman Dan Rather returned with an appearance in a new film, “Shadows of Liberty,” which had its U.S. premiere at the “National Conference for Media Reform” in Denver on Thursday night. The film—and Rather—contend that corporate power has taken control of the American media, leaving the American people uninformed about current events. The conference is based on … [Read more...]

Weekly Featured Profile – Margaret Chin Margaret Chin is a New York City Council member. She was elected to the Council in 2010 as the representative for District 1, lower Manhattan. She is Chair of the Committee on Lower Manhattan Redevelopment and is a member of the Committees on Education, Small Business, Civil Rights, Women's Issues, Aging and Public Housing. Chin is a member of the New York City Council Progressive Caucus and the … [Read more...]

Interest Strong in Next Loudon Book Tour

New Zeal I've been getting a lot of interest in my proposed next book tour to the United States.I'll be touring for much of the second half of 2013 and again in 2014. My new book: "The Enemies Within: Progressives, Socialists and Communists in the US Congress," exposes what I see as America's number one problem. Most Americans think that Congress defies their will out of arrogance, ego and a desire for … [Read more...]

Police Militarization, Abuses of Power & the Road to Impeachment

Accuracy in Media These are trying times. Never in the history of this country have we been so weakened and polarized by what many view as deliberate government policy. Now anti-gunners in the U.S. Congress, the Obama administration, and legislatures across the country are seeking to exploit the Newtown tragedy to promote their “gun control” agenda that envisions federal, universal background checks on gun … [Read more...]

Help KeyWiki Expose Asian Americans for Equality’s Insidious Network

New Zeal A network of "former" radicals, some allied to Communist China, have built a strong power base in Manhattan's Chinatown and are using it to influence politics in New York and across the nation. Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE), is a forty year old re-branding of the violent, and fanatically pro-China, pro North Korea Communist Workers Party. AAFE, is many things. At one level it functions like … [Read more...]

Communists in the Thick of the Immigration ‘Reform’ Movement

New Zeal According to the Communist Party USA, "the struggle for immigrant rights is a key component of the struggle for working class unity in our country today." The Communists believe that the months ahead provide a great opportunity to extract big immigration changes from the Party's "friend" Barack Obama. The coming months are crucial. This is a call for all progressive forces to become fully … [Read more...]