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Far Leftist Mark Leno Pushes for LGBT History in California Schools

New Zeal Far left California State Senator Mark Leno is promoting a bill to mandate the teaching of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered history and contributions to society in the state’s public schools. California State Senator, Mark Leno Leno, who in 2008 served on the advisory board of the Revolutionary Communist Party‘s World Can't Wait, anti-war front group with jailed attorney Lynne Stewart … [Read more...]

Obama and Senate Rewriting Article II; Slouching toward Dictatorship

Reported in the New American: Obama and Senate Rewriting Article II   On March 30, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y., picture, left) and 15 co-sponsors (including Republican leaders) introduced S. 679, the “Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act.” The measure would remove the “advice and consent” requirement for many executive branch appointments, giving the President unchecked power to … [Read more...]

Obama’s Eligibility: It’s the Constitution, Stupid, Not Politics!

Reported in the New Media Journal: When Politics Damages the Constitution Frank Salvato, Managing Editor The issue of eligibility where the federal government's Executive Branch is concerned is not one of politics; it is not, in any way, shape or form related to the so-called "birther" issue. The issue of presidential eligibility is one that addresses the protection of our citizenry’s fidelity to the … [Read more...]

A Mideast Devoid of Christians

Maggie's Notebook by findalis This is the goal of the Muslim world. In every Muslim nation there is an official systematic policy to destroy every Christian church, community, life in order to free themselves of the blight they see within their midst. This isn’t a new phenomena in these countries, they rid themselves of Jews decades ago. This is the saddest Easter in the long epic of Arab Christianity: The … [Read more...]

Iran, Venezuela Increase Cooperation

New Zeal From Cuba’s Prensa Latina, April 24: Venezuela and Iran are preparing a new meeting of their Joint Commission in the next few days to strengthen bilateral strategic ties in several sectors, the Foreign Ministry said Sunday. The preparatory meeting is being held in Tehran with the presence of Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, according to a Foreign Ministry press release. The head of Venezuelan … [Read more...]

Debauching Our Currency and ‘The Moral Issues of Money’

"This is not a fairytale. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is real life." The following article, published at Ludwig von Mises Institute on Good Friday, April 22, presents one of the truly rapacious sins which rests upon heads of the People of America and the world, the debasement of the "trust" that is our very currency.   Our fiat currency system, run by a criminal network of super-wealthy central banksters … [Read more...]

If There is No Hell, Why Do We Need Jesus?

This review of Time magazine's Holy Week cover story appears at Is Hell Dead? The Sad Story of Rev. Rob Bell and His Departure From the Faith   Every year it seems Time Magazine tries to exploit the Easter season with some provocative, anti-Christian edition of its magazine. In its April 14, 2011 cover story, Time raises the question, “Is Hell Dead?” This new cover story is a … [Read more...]

Black Americans Alive Today Are The Real Holocaust Victims: New Black Panthers Anti-Semitic Attack

NoisyRoom From: NakedEmperorNews The New Black Panthers spew hatred from their pulpit. Read here on their Day of Action Movement. Brewing up a racial/religious war and overall class warfare. Threatening the Tea Party when the violence and hatred are coming from the left, the progressives, Islam and the New Black Panther Party. Well, these instigators can go to hell, which is where you are headed any way. … [Read more...]

West: We Need Strong Women to Raise American Men!

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: Brian B.     By: AmericanPatriotsPres       By: AmericanPatriotsPres   Read more at The Right Scoop... I love this man! Would vote for him... Would follow him into battle and fight by his side... If he runs with Palin, Bachmann or Cain, I truly believe there would be no way to beat him. He'd wipe the floor with the progressives. The … [Read more...]

The Globalists’ Takeover of Argentina is a Blueprint for America

NoisyRoom By: AJ     Yes, George Soros was involved in the global elites’ takeover of Argentina which de-industrialized their country, eliminated their middle class and plunged their citizens into massive starvation and unspeakable poverty. Yes, Argentina’s President and politicians were “in” with the global elites, and their Unions were “in” with the corrupt government officials… just as … [Read more...]

Mr. President, I Paid My Dues, Where’s Our Change?

When San Franciscans turn against you, you're in deep trouble. Thursday morning, the president was serenaded by attendees at his San Francisco fundraiser. Singing songs and holding signs demanding "Free Bradley Manning," the group will not be refunded for their $5,000 breakfast tickets. The event was reportedly part of a campaign from the Fresh Juice Party, which is offering cash to those willing to play a part in … [Read more...]

National Day of Incitement and Intimidation

NoisyRoom   Graphic From: Bob McCarty Writes April 23rd, 2011 is the National Day of Action sponsored by the New Black Panthers. There will be protests in over 60 cities and they will also occur internationally. They are urging African Americans to boycott all "non-black" businesses and are threatening to go door to door to get in people's faces over black justice. From their site: SATURDAY, APRIL 23RD … [Read more...]

Gordon Brown Touted for IMF Bankster Boss; Update: to Key World Economic Forum Role

Update ~ according to UTV Business, Gordon Brown's candidacy for replacement of Dominique Strauss-Kahn as the IMF's managing director has been blocked by UK Prime Minister, David Cameron (however that happens). But, Fabianist, Brown has been slated instead, to chair a new "'policy and initiatives co-ordination board,' [of the likewise collectivist/communitarian, World Economic Forum] which will oversee talks about … [Read more...]

Sharp Shift in Fed – Fundamental Change – Danger Looming: Blame Fed or Congress?

Maggie's Notebook Lew Rockwell posted comments from Casey Research partner, David Galland, about major policy shifts at the Federal Reserve. [Galland]: But there is about to be a fundamental change in this arrangement. It appears that the Fed has decided that it’s time to take a step back from its monetization – or quantitative easing (QE), as they now term it – in the hopes that the market will step in to … [Read more...]

Dick Morris on Video: the IMF Becoming America’s ‘New Fuhrer’

More on the Bankster Spring of 2011 This video was uploaded to YouTube on April 13, by dicmorrisreports.  It carried the following caption: Last week, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that it was going to hold nations accountable for their economic decisions and publish quarterly yardsticks to measure their success in adopting "appropriate" policies. Who decides what's appropriate? The European … [Read more...]

Treason Through “Friendship”

New Zeal Spies, spies and more spies. Barack Obama and "friend," Beijing, November 2009 From the Communist Party of China website: April 13, 2011. Visiting Chinese State Councilor Liu Yandong announced here on Tuesday an additional 10,000 scholarships for Americans to study in China. The announcement was made during the second meeting of the China-U.S. high-level consultation on people-to-people … [Read more...]

Brazil & China: America’s Enemies Cuddle Up

New Zeal Brazil’s new former Marxist terrorist President and Obama friend, Dilma Rousseff, is wasting no time in cuddling up to America’s enemies. From the Communist Party of China website: Chinese President Hu Jintao (R front) shakes hands with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff after signing a joint communique in Beijing, capital of China, April 12, 2011. Beijing, April 13, 2011. The presidents of … [Read more...]

Is ‘Social Justice’ a Christian Virtue?

Sourced with comments by Janet Smiles Jonathan Cousar's blog on Freedom Torch Network has brought to light a very popular pastor's deluding of the orthodox and reasonable interpretation of God's Word, the Bible, which has led many otherwise "evangelical' Christians to the brink of socialism.  We are warned that in the last days men will not tolerate sound doctrine, that time has come. Jonathan is a workman … [Read more...]

Red Reps 8 Hansen Clarke: Michigan Freshman Congressman’s Hard Core Communist Connections

New Zeal Red Reps 7 here. Hansen Clarke Freshman Congressman Hansen Clarke (D-MI) has a close working relationship with one of the U.S.’s most extreme Marxist-Leninist organizations – the pro-North Korean Workers World Party. A former chief of staff to Michigan’s pro-Marxist congressman John Conyers, Hansen Clarke seems to be following in his former mentor’s political footsteps. In 2008. Hansen … [Read more...]

Central Bankers Control The Sheeple Of The World

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: Brian B. By: Livefreerevolution Read more at Logistics Monster... … [Read more...]

Gulag Night Postponed to… Monday

Please be patient. We would love to have more resources here in with the Bound.  As it stands, we have some competing responsibilities and want to make this next program worth your important time. 10pm Thursday Monday, 4/25 Details to follow, but amid them we will be revealing more from front-man/bag-man, George Soros, INET, the IMF & World Bank, and globalist central banking all around. Also, see … [Read more...]

Will the Contemptuous President be Charged with Contempt of Congress?

Reported in the Daily Caller: Obama snubs Issa on subpoena for ATF documents   For the first time since Republicans took control of the House and gained the power of congressional subpoena, the Obama administration has declined to comply with a subpoena issued by top GOP oversight official Rep. Darrell Issa. In the face of a subpoena by Issa, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and … [Read more...]

Socialist Teachers Discuss Indoctrinating Public Schoolchildren

New Zeal     Sarah Knopp   Sarah Knopp, a Los Angeles teacher and member of the International Socialist Organization, organized a panel at Democratic Socialists of America's Left Forum 2011 in New York in March, “Capitalism and Education: A Marxist discourse on what we’re fighting against and what we’re fighting for,” which discussed how best to indoctrinate children in the … [Read more...]

Revolution Not Resurrection – A Communist Message for Easter

New Zeal Hank Millstein Hank Millstein is a practising Roman Catholic in San Francisco. He also serves on the National Committee and the Religion Commission of the Communist Party USA. To Hank, Easter isn’t about the Resurrection, or even Easter Bunnies. Its about revolution, and “its already on its way.” From the latest Peoples World: Easter isn’t about Easter bunnies – or even about going to … [Read more...]

Red Flag of Earth Day

NoisyRoom T F Stern - T F Stern's Rantings   Our anti-capitalist comrades, tree huggers and whaling ship protesters have April 22nd on all our calendars, Earth Day; a time to mark the progressive movement’s entrance onto the grand stage of political upheaval. Who would have thought Gaylord Nelson’s efforts would have made such inroads into destroying capitalism and the foundations of industrial … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck Steals Content? Bloggers Inform Glenn Beck – Beck Doesn’t Attribute?

also in Maggie's Notebook Good grief! This is so discouraging, if true. Prominent bloggers are accusing Glenn Beck of plagarism – taking their content and often not crediting them with the story or specific parts of the story. He is accused of at least once, using a blogger-produced video and obscuring the name of the blogger placed prominently in view. Bloggers with credibility ALWAYS credit sources, just as … [Read more...]

Obama’s Facebook Townhall Today & my Question

This is the question that I had the honor of submitting, for the Bound and our visitors: What should we think of a president that is mentored and developed by Frank Marshall Davis (communist), Vernon Jarrett (socialist), Leon Despres (friend of Trotsky), Jeremiah Wright (black liberation Marxist), Bill Ayers (communist, anarchist, terrorist), who specializes in the strategies and tactics of Saul Alinsky … [Read more...]

Obama Continues Fight to End American Prosperity – while he golfs and vacations

When something consummately horrific happens to the United States of America, its people or a US ally, Obama celebrates by going golfing.  He, most certainly, must be on the links now. When an unprecedented number of tornadoes hit six US States and killed at least 45 people, Obama went golfing.  When his misadventure (aka “war” without any Congressional approvals) against Libya was in full swing, Obama went … [Read more...]