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Obama & Holder Attempting to Quash Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Authority

Jim Kouri - Law Enforcement Examiner: Holder v. Arpaio: Sheriff's Attorneys Meet with Justice Dept. Today August 24th, 2010 4:10 pm ET U.S. Justice Department attorneys are meeting today with Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, as they look into allegations of civil rights violations in his department's treatment of illegal aliens. Justice Department investigators say … [Read more...]

Biden Extols “the Successful Counterinsurgency Strategy in Iraq;” No Apologies to Bush

Dateline Indianapolis: WIBC Indy's News Center Vice President Joe Biden addressed the National Conference of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Monday afternoon: Vice President Joe Biden says the U.S. is just beginning what he calls a "daunting" challenge in Afghanistan. Biden told the Veterans of Foreign Wars' national conference in Indianapolis the transition of command this summer to General David Petraeus … [Read more...]

Marxofascist ‘Stimulus’ Costs Far Outpace Iraq War Spending

Opinion from the Washington Examiner: by Mark Tapscott Expect to hear a lot about how much the Iraq war cost in the days ahead from Democrats worried about voter wrath against their unprecedented spending excesses. The meme is simple: The economy is in a shambles because of Bush's economic policies and his war in Iraq. As American Thinker's Randall Hoven points out, that's the message being peddled by … [Read more...]

Muslim, Christian, or Marxist?

When questions came up during the campaign about Barack Obama’s religious affiliation, his aides flatly asserted that he was a “practicing Christian” and was “baptized” in the Trinity United Church of Christ. However, some of the same questions have come up again in the wake of opinion polls finding people confused about Obama’s religious identity. Our media cannot understand the confusion. For most in the media, … [Read more...]

Fort Hood Massacre Downgraded to ‘Workplace Violence’ as Islamist & Radical Black on White Terrorism is Enabled

Reported in AOL News by Sharon Wienberger (emphasis, Gulag Bound) (Aug. 20) -- More than nine months after the Fort Hood, Texas, massacre, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has ordered a series of changes meant to prevent such incidents. In a 26-page memo released today and signed Aug. 18, Gates ordered a series of procedural and policy changes that focus on identifying, responding to and preventing potential … [Read more...]

Will the Real Barack Hussein Obama II Please Stand Up?

Is there a point in time in which the political pendulum swings so far to the other side, with such speed, that we all get whiplash watching it? I think we should brace ourselves for such an occurrence. The American people know in their gut that the building of the Ground Zero Mosque is just plain wrong. They know it is not about healing and tolerance. Without proof they know this. They know there is a sinister … [Read more...]

Obama Vacations: Destroying a Country is Hard Work

As Obama takes his 6th vacation, this year (and it’s only August) he has certainly expended great measures of time to reflect upon his job running the country.  Considering his ample ego, I suspect that he is very proud of the destruction he has, thus far, brought to bear against the United States of America and We-the-People.  As well as overtly directed at the American people, Obama must also smirk and laugh … [Read more...]

RightKlik Suggests Ten Congressional Candidates for You to Support

Brother, can you spare a ten, by Friday? Here is their list.  Read "Ten Buck Fridays: August 22-27," and see RightKlik's "promotional video," for more about why every little bit is important. Dan Benishek (MI-01) Dan Benishek is running for the Bart Stupak seat. Benishek won the GOP nomination by a 15 vote margin. Benishek on the issues Dan Benishek on Twitter Benishek on … [Read more...]

Are Those Who Want a Mosque at Ground Zero, Ameriphobes?

by Michael Bresciani It is hard to believe that liberal politicians and some media are saying that those who oppose the mosque at Ground Zero are using the issue to divert attention away from real issues like the economy. They have labeled the naysayers as Islamophobes: a term that has less meaning today than ever before. Here's why. The vast amount of American blood spilled at Ground Zero is not something … [Read more...]

Accused Army Traitor Cruised Gay Bars

As “young conservatives” like Erick Erickson and S.E. Cupp defend Ann Coulter’s scheduled appearance at the “Homocon” pro-gay rights conference in September, new evidence about the destructive nature of the homosexual lifestyle has surfaced in the treason case of gay soldier Bradley Manning. Information developed by CNN suggests that Manning, who may have been considering a sex change, had been cruising the … [Read more...]

RFID Chips to Make Sure You Recycle or You Pay!

An excerpt from "Don't Say We Didn't Warn You: RFID-embedded Bins in Cleveland," by Joe Wolverton II in The New American: On August 18, the Cleveland City Council announced that it had approved a $2.5 million budget request for the high-tech carts for 25,000 customers. The recycling carts will contain a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip that will send a signal to the city’s waste management department every … [Read more...]

Follow The Sharia With Christine Brim – Tonight On Fan The Fire With CJ & Tallu!

Tonight we are honored to be speaking with Christine Brim, Chief Operating Officer, Center for Security Policy. Christine has written several revealing articles on the nomination and appointment of Helena Kagan to the Supreme Court and the Ground Zero Mosque at We are most intrigued by her most recent post from this week's Ground Zero Mosque’s Hidden Websites: Follow the Shariah. Ms. Brim … [Read more...]

Are Conservatives “Anti-Science”?

From the feature article in the August 2010 Townhall Magazine, "A Right-Wing War on Science? Really?": The War That Wasn't Read the entire in-depth report in the August issue of Townhall Magazine. During George W. Bush's presidency, the popular perception was that Republicans were trying, as Hillary Clinton put it, "to turn Washington into an evidence-free zone." Bush and his congressional allies were … [Read more...]

Marxofascist Media Distorts Reporting to Advance Obamacare Abortions

Published with permission of  Jill Stanek ABC Pushes Taxpayer Funded Abortions with Misleading Incident, Mashed Terms and Only 'Pro-abort Experts' MSM’s propaganda to keep taxpayer funded abortion in Obamacare has begun. But the article ABC posted yesterday entitled, “Immigrants lured to cheap, do-it-yourself abortion,” was 1) totally misleading; 2) misplaced blame; 3) seriously mashed terms; and 4) … [Read more...]

Ground Zero Mosque Shock: Emerson Tapes Reveal Imam’s True Agenda

Breaking on the Twittersphere today: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has been exposed by author and Islamic Terror expert, Steve Emerson, through the acquisition and a month-long examination of 13 hours of audio tapes. A short list of discoveries, excerpted from Pamela Geller's blog, Atlas Shrugs, reveal Rauf as a "radical extremist cleric who cloaks himself in sheep's clothing." The tapes reportedly reveal the Imam … [Read more...]

Facts Obama Doesn’t Want You to Connect

What really happened during the 2008 elections? Recent information regarding the primary caucuses paints the picture of a campaign that would stop at nothing to win. A campaign that was willing to strong arm candidates and volunteers in order to meet its goal. The documentary We Will Not Be Silenced delves into the Obama 2008 Campaign. “We believe The Democratic National Committee (DNC) made a grave error by … [Read more...]

Only the US Supreme Court has Constitutional Authority to Conduct the Arizona Case Trial

Did Federal Judge Susan R. Bolton have standing, for her decision to nullify the Arizona immigration bill -- to even seize upon the case? Considering the fact that upwards of half of the Congress and a large proportion of Obama's administration, not to mention his own credentials of experience as a "Constitutional Law Professor," one would suppose that the constitutional literacy of the ruling class would be … [Read more...]

The Phoenix Economy (Environmentalist, Marxofascist & New Age ‘Cloward-Piven’)

The new fascism very reasonably explained. Green business, government and environmentalists working together to transform your world. Complete and utter crap. Thanks to Robin Gulag Note: More on this theme to come, including Maurice Strong, "Rio," and his 2012 deadline.  And thank you, Trevor. … [Read more...]

Seeing the Ground Zero Mosque as Militant Muslims Do

"So, what's the big picture?" From the blog, Talk Wisdom: Muslims Smile in our Faces While Cursing us in their Hearts Think that title is too harsh? Well...before you condemn me for posting such a title, please view this video: The Smile that is Really a Curse [GB: Video, 5/26/2010, "Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the  Ground Zero Mosque"] Everyone should watch this eye opening video. It's  … [Read more...]

Forget Happy Meals ~ Fake ‘Meat’ to Replace Grazing those Flatulent Cows?

Reported in the, emphasis mine: Researchers in the Netherlands have created what was described as soggy pork and are now investigating ways to improve the muscle tissue in the hope that people will one day want to eat it. What we need are tiny treadmills for synthetic pork cells, all in a petri dish. No one has yet tasted the product, but it is believed the artificial meat could be on sale within … [Read more...]

ObamaGov Establishing Islam as Official USA State Religion?

In contradiction to the US Constitution’s First Amendment referencing the prohibition of the US government’s establishment of a State religion, the Obama has decided to institute Islam’s “religion” Muslimism as the US’ first state-sponsored religion. As Islam is first and foremost a governmental/political system--with the “faithful” following its feudal tenets with Muslim worship of Allah--I suspect that the final … [Read more...]

Obama’s Cloward-Piven Policies Causing Ominous Rumblings in Philly

Reported in the Examiner, Philadelphia: Firefighter Union to City: Liar, liar, pants on... you get it already. Exactly a week ago, it was written here how a fire in West Philadelphia killed a 12 year old boy. Much blame was put on the fact that Philly's Democrat Mayor Michael Nutter recently made Fire Department cutbacks, or "brownouts" to punish us all for not going along with this stupid soda tax … [Read more...]

Jan Schakowsky – Yet Another Socialist (Marxist) in Congress

Several current or recent members of Congress, including Neil Abercrombie, Mary Jo Kilroy, Jerry Nadler and Bob Filner have close ties to America's largest marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America. Another to add to the growing list is Jan Schakowsky [IL CD-9]. The Illinois Democrat, a member of the far left Congressional Progressive Caucus, has been close to D.S.A., or its preceding … [Read more...]

Alinskyism in the US Catholic Church

  Alinskyism and socialism have penetrated all the US mainstream churches. Here's an excellent lecture on the infiltration and Alinsky inspired subversion inside the American Catholic Church. Congratulations to these people for taking on the corruption inside their own institution.   video, Michael Voris, "The CCHD and Saul Alinsky" … [Read more...]

Islamist Victory & Obama’s Attacks on the States & US Citizens

As The Obama and his ObamaCourts ratchet up their fight against the US States and We-the-People, the beasts in the White House (aka Obama & Co) continue their fight against America and all humans. In his latest anti-US comments, Obama first supports the Islamist Victory Mosque (and probable terrorist training center), then slightly alters it when the hue and cry from We-the-People becomes too loud for his … [Read more...]

The President Has Sided With a Foreign Government – Against a US State

In this recent YouTube video, Professor Terry J. Lovell discusses Arizona's immigration law, SB1070. Says Lovell: "The President of the United States, in a move that is absolutely without precedent in the history of our nation, has sided with a foreign government against a US state." "Let that sink in." "Mr. Obama is on the side of the Mexican drug cartels, the human traffickers, the kidnappers, and the … [Read more...]

US Rep. Melissa Bean’s Town Hall Thuggery

On Thursday, August 12, Representative Melissa Bean (IL-8-D) held a public meeting at the Round Lake Library. The meeting was billed as a Financial Education seminar to teach citizens how to manage their credit card debt. What happened at this meeting was anything but educational. During the meeting, which I attended, citizens started to ask questions about jobs, government spending and the federal deficit. Every … [Read more...]

Matthews on Issa: Subpoena Power Led to the McCarthy Era

Earlier today, Gulag Bound reported on a article, written by Jerome Corsi, about CA Rep. Darrell Issa's pointed attack on the Obama administration and its unprecedented propaganda effort to sell the president's unpopular policies and initiatives. As the ranking GOP on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Issa promises to initiate investigations, using his subpoena power, following a GOP win … [Read more...]

Are All Churches Free to Locate Anywhere? Let’s See

As the fight rages on, to prevent a Muslim mosque and community center within feet of the "sacred ground" where the World Trade Center stood before a terrorist attack, one of the official excuses for not intervening is that,"They have the right to put a place of worship anywhere they want; this is America with separation of church and state."  Basically, the  government's official stance is that their hands are … [Read more...]

Rep. Darrell Issa: Obama Using White House for Unlawful Propaganda Campaign

Reported in WorldNetDaily: Scathing Congress Report Slams Obama's 'Covert, Criminal Activity' President charged with illegally using taxpayer money to manipulate public Posted: August 16, 2010 12:01 am Eastern By Jerome R. Corsi © 2010 WorldNetDaily Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, issued a scathing staff report today charging … [Read more...]