Army Responds to Lt. Rapone Holding Pro-Kaepernick ‘Communism Will Win’ Sign While in Uniform When I first saw this story go by this morning, I thought for sure it was fake news. Silly me, it's not. Photos surfaced today of a West Point alumnus and combat veteran who was holding a pro-Colin Kaepernick “Communism Will Win” sign within his cap and while he was in uniform. This really ticked off the military community. I'm still hearing about it. I am appalled that an alumnus of West … [Read more...]

NetRadio: Arlen on with @Sir_Templar Tonight 9:15pm CT ‘The End Within’

temporary post TONIGHT 09/12 09:00PM CDT “Special Guest, Arlen Williams” TONIGHT, we are glad to announce our special guest Arlen Williams who has held strong during the patriot movement. Arlen states:  “In addition to publishing and editing Gulag Bound: I have over twenty years in information technology sales and marketing, along with significant work in electoral organizing and some campaign management, … [Read more...]

Gulag Entry Replaced

This entry has been replaced by: Fox News’ Benghazi Special & the Continuing Cover-up: Weapons … [Read more...]

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Please pardon, our temporary SovCam site won't work with this little widget; no time to wait for a new site... If you agree with our Mission and wish to participate, please enter your information in this widget, below. Then, you'll be emailed a link to our survey. (I know it's a bit complicated, but it's also being careful.) Arlen Williams Sovereignty Campaign SovCam 2012 We're not going to demand … [Read more...]