Obama’s Diversity Executive Order: Dialectical Consensus? More Than a Jobs Plan

Maggie's Notebook   I recently posted on Obama’s Diversity Executive Order and said Diversity = Social Justice. I mused that perhaps the EO, calling for more diversity in federal hiring, was actually Obama’s jobs plan. Perhaps there is more to it than that, as a commenter pointed out at Gulag Bound, where my article was cross-posted. The commenter picked-up on the word ‘diversity’ and ‘council.’ The … [Read more...]

Obama Revs up the Campaign Money Machine Seeking BIG Donors

Reported in the Independent: Obama to launch bid for re-election – and embark on quest for big-money donors Taking out insurance in case he is unable to generate the same grassroots enthusiasm among young voters and small political donors as he did in 2008, President Barack Obama is set to launch his re-election bid with a coast-to-coast tour of big money Democratic fundraisers. The Obama campaign is … [Read more...]

Patrick Gaspard, Obama’s Radical ‘Go To’ Man Moves to the DNC

In a move clearly signalling that planning for the 2012 Presidential election is underway, President Barack Obama's "go to" man Patrick Gaspard is leaving the White House to serve as Executive director of the Democratic National Committee. Obama and Gaspard, 2010 In a January 20 email to the Democratic Party faithful, D.N.C. chairman Tim Kaine wrote of Gaspard: Patrick Gaspard is a great … [Read more...]

Patrick Gaspard, Gathering Rotten ACORNs for 2012 Campaign

Reported in the Daily Caller: ACORN’s man takes over the Democratic Party’s war machine A longtime ACORN operative is about to take over the reins of the Democratic National Committee as its executive director – just in time to begin initial preparations for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. The activist in question is Patrick Gaspard. He currently holds the title of White House political affairs … [Read more...]