Ann Corcoran – Sharia-Sanctioned Frauds, Crimes And Criminals

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line, March 8th, 7 PM Ann Corcoran – Sharia-Sanctioned Frauds, Crimes and Criminals It is especially outrageous to be scammed and defrauded in the name of Sharia. Blogger and author Ann Corcoran brings to light specific cases where the mandate to migrate for Allah include the ongoing swindling of the Infidel. Listen Online Friday, 3/8, 7 PM … [Read more...]

The Enemies Within The Church

Sharia Crime Stoppersan Affiliate of The United WestPresents: A FOUR-PART WEBINAR SERIES: The Enemies Within the Church These Brave Patriots Expose Members of their Own Catholic, Evangelical, and Jewish Faiths ThatAre Out to Destroy America YOU ARE INVITED! TUESDAYs : Beginning MARCH 19th thruAPRIL 9th, 2019 –  7 pm ET IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN  … [Read more...]

84 Radical Activists Arrested In Sacramento At Stephon Clark Protest

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | 84 people were arrested in eastern Sacramento last night. They were protesting the shooting of Stephon Clark, 22, last March and the decision by the district attorney to not charge the two officers who shot and killed him. A little background on the shooting From Blue Lives Matter: Schubert’s decision not to charge the officers who shot Clark came after an … [Read more...]

Trump Blasts Evil Senate Democrats On Blocking Born Alive Bill: ‘One Of The Most Shocking Votes In The History Of Congress’

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | In what can only be called an evil act, Senate Democrats blocked Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse’s the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. The legislation would protect babies born alive after a botched abortion. Only three Democrats voted for it: Democratic Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey voted alongside Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, also from … [Read more...]

Cover-Ups and Corruption: the Record of Robert Mueller

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival Trump gave a good State of the Union speech but can he survive Russia-gate prosecutor Robert Mueller’s out-of-control investigation? This new book looks at the extraordinary record and background of Robert Mueller, the “errand boy for the New World Order,” in the words of author and Louisiana state Senator John Milkovich. From 9/11 to organized crime figure Whitey Bulger … [Read more...]

How Mitt Romney Is Plotting His Revenge On Trump

By: Cliff Kincaid The new leader of the anti-Trump resistance in the Senate, Mitt Romney, will take the oath of office January 3. The former Massachusetts Governor and failed GOP presidential candidate represents what could be called the reemergent Rockefeller wing of the GOP. You may recall that Romney delivered the most scathing anti-Trump speech by a Republican during the 2016 election cycle, calling … [Read more...]

Book Review – Confronting the Deception Purchase at It has been my honor and pleasure to get to know Tabitha Korol. She's not only a wonderful author and writer but a true patriot and someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is. As America roils with chaos and uncertainty foisted on her from leftists who are intent on removing a duly elected president and forcing the freest nation on earth into bowing before Marxism, … [Read more...]

Google And Facebook Cross The ‘Creepy Line’ Every Day A few days ago, I wrote again on China's communist social credit system. But we have our own system being utilized here in the United States in the form of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other Internet platforms. I have already been purged from Facebook for my political views. Many other conservatives have as well. Twitter is also cracking down. They just permanently banned conservative writer, … [Read more...]

Book Review… Hotel USSR: Memoirs of a Soviet ‘non-Artist’ Purchase at Amazon One of my greatest joys and honors has been knowing Oleg Atbashian... the owner of The People's Cube, a superb author, and one of the most gifted graphic artists I have ever known. Oleg comes from Russia but he is American through and through. Over the years it has become evident to me that those who have experienced the oppression of true communism are the most adamant … [Read more...]

Internal Facebook Documents Seized By UK Parliament Most of you know how I feel about Facebook. I felt that way even before I was purged by them and was never given a reason for it. Under antitrust laws, they should be broken up and steps should be taken to ensure social media platforms do not censor free speech. Things are heating up here in the United States concerning Facebook and they may fall quicker than anyone realizes in the end. But for … [Read more...]

Laura Loomer Purged From Twitter And Facebook For Telling The Truth About Rep. Ilhan Omar On Islam Laura Loomer is a blogger/journalist/activist that has long been at the forefront of exposing Islamists who push Shariah law and FGM (female genital mutilation). She did just that with newly elected Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and for that, Twitter banned/purged her from their social media platform. Everything that Loomer spoke of was the truth and not hate speech. Twitter says her tweet violated … [Read more...]

France Is Literally On Fire Over Fuel Protests – Fractured Over National Security Socialism is all well and good until it makes it impossible to live, work or exist... just take a look at France. This is the second weekend that French protesters are getting frisky in the streets over fuel prices. I am told that it is between $6 and $8 a gallon over there and people are ticked at Macron. Police in Paris are using tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters. Angry mobs … [Read more...]

Communism: Beijing To Score And Rank Every Resident Based On Their Behavior By The End Of 2020 This is where Maoism and communism lead... the utter subjugation of the masses. Make no mistake, it is what the left envisions for America. If the left regains control of America they will utilize massive intelligence compounds such as the one in Utah, using cameras and databases to track our every move. All of us will be subjected to nationwide surveillance and our families, friends and loved … [Read more...]

Trump Adding Venezuela To The List Of State Sponsors Of Terrorism Would Be The Right Move Amid all the political uproar here in the US, a headline concerning Venezuela surfaced that should be getting far more attention than it is currently. It's being said that the Trump administration is prepping to add Venezuela to the US list of state sponsors of terrorism. That would be the right move and a good thing. In South Florida, that is very welcome news to thousands of refugees who … [Read more...]

Violent Communist Antifa Thugs Swarm ‘We The People’ Rally In Philadelphia A 'We The People' rally was held in Philadelphia yesterday. There were not that many patriots there, but hundreds of violent communist Antifa thugs swarmed the rally. They were there for a fight and they got one. Conservative groups had planned the rally in support of ICE and police officers. Hundreds of black-clad, masked Antifa radicals descended upon them near the Independence Visitor … [Read more...]

Tucker Carlson And Family Harassed At Country Club – Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti Pounces I have an extremely low opinion of attorney Michael Avenatti - especially when it comes to how he is treating Tucker Carlson. He's the lowest of bottom feeders and a true scumbag. Leave it to that dirtbag to pounce on Carlson when he is targeted by the communist left. Just recently, violent Antifa thugs descended on Tucker's DC home and mobbed it. They chanted outside and threatened Carlson … [Read more...]

Violent Communist Antifa Mob Threatens Tucker Carlson Outside Of His DC Home I don't always agree with Tucker Carlson, especially when it comes to Russia, but there is no denying he is an excellent and fair journalist of the first order. Fox News was lucky to get him. It appears he's ruffled the mangy fur of communist Antifa. I guess when they aren't threatening my friend and colleague Trevor Loudon they are going after anyone else who disagrees with them. Antifa … [Read more...]

Communist Radicals Take Control Of The House Of Representatives I guess I'm overly optimistic. I figured the Republicans would get both the House and the Senate. They only retained the Senate ceding the House to the loony Democrats. It's not great, but then again... the House and the Senate weren't doing the heavy lifting, Trump was. What this will do however is let the Democrats be even more obstructionist in trying to stop President Trump. But Trump is a … [Read more...]

Facebook Allows Communist Antifa To Incite Their Followers To Burn Down Housing Developments One of the sites I visit daily is Far Left Watch. They report on real news fearlessly. And they've got another scoop on Antifa and Facebook. As all of you know by now, Facebook purged many conservatives including myself just recently. This included Brian Kolfage, a triple amputee veteran who ran Right Wing News. I was an editor and writer there. Because of that, and my personal … [Read more...]

Marxist Kyrsten Sinema has Endorsement Revoked by the Arizona State Troopers Association What's a bi-sexual, brazen commie like Kyrsten Sinama to do when she loses the support of a union? Specifically, the Arizona State Troopers Association who represents state public safety employees. For the life of me, I don't understand why they endorsed her in the first place. The woman is 100% Marxist and a dishonest one at that. Evidently, the executive board went rogue and endorsed … [Read more...]

Massive Trump-Cruz Rally in Texas is a Preview of the 2020 Election After watching the rally put on by President Trump for Ted Cruz in Texas, the left should be afraid... very afraid. The massive MAGA event looks to me like a preview of the upcoming election in 2020 and if it is indeed an indication of that, it will be a landslide victory for Trump. Tens of thousands of enthusiastic Trump and Cruz supporters descended on the Toyota Center in Houston last … [Read more...]


This is just freaking awesome: … [Read more...]

Communist Antifa Places Severed Pig Heads At Campaign Offices In Texas Calling For A Violent Revolution Communist Antifa is beloved on the left and defended by both Democrats and the media. That's because they share the same goals of revolution, chaos and a violent coup. Hell, they're all communists. This past week, at least five separate GOP offices were vandalized and attacked by these goons. Now, Antifa has stepped up their game by placing severed pig heads at multiple polling locations and … [Read more...]

Vermont GOP Candidate Receives Violent Threat By Socialists: ‘We will rape you for days…open season for Republican death’ Over the weekend on Saturday, WCAX put out a report that Vermont State Police are investigating a death threat mailed to Deserae Morin. She's a Republican candidate running for the Vermont State House. Let's just say the threat was something not to be ignored or taken lightly. Morin took a pic of the threat that she received at her home. It read: “C*nt, we are hunting you. My comrades will … [Read more...]

Violent Antifa Communists Attack Patriot Prayer In Portland Again Antifa got their violence on again in Portland, Oregon this weekend against the right-wing Patriot Prayer group. Black-clad masked communist Antifa thugs faced off with the group in ongoing protests and counter-protests that periodically went unchecked by police. The fight took place on Saturday following a protest on Friday that was held following the death of Patrick Kimmons. Kimmons was … [Read more...]

About That Facebook Purge… Then They Came For NoisyRoom There is an old adage out there in journalism and it should apply to blogging too that reads something like: "Report the story, don't be the story." I find myself along with many others today being on the wrong end of that quote, unfortunately. I started on 9/11/2001 in support of those who perished in the deadly terrorist attack carried out by Islamists that sunny day. Over the … [Read more...]

Violent Far-Left Thugs Accost And Harass Ted And Heidi Cruz At DC Restaurant A constitutional conservative can't even have dinner in peace with his wife these days in DC. A group of radical protesters named "Smash Racism DC" accosted, harassed and shouted down Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his wife, Heidi, at a restaurant called Fiola in DC Monday night forcing them to make an early exit. The situation was tense and caught on video as a crowd of communists surrounded the … [Read more...]

MCTA Shooting Range Has A Run-In With Antifa The good people at MCTA Shooting Range & School in Mississippi seem to have had an up-close-and-personal encounter with the communist thugs of Antifa. Via D. R. Zinn on Facebook: Today MCTA Shooting Range & School had the misfortune of JBGC (John brown gun club) show up at our range under false pretense. For those that do not know, JBGC is the militant faction of ANTIFA. They … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Warren Calls For Invoking The 25th Amendment In A Planned Attack On President Trump I've been watching the circus unfolding for the last few days that centers around the Woodward book, "Fear: Trump in the White House," the anonymous New York Times op-ed and the Kavanaugh hearings. It's all Kabuki Theater and in my opinion is nothing short of further attempts by the Democrats to conduct a soft coup and remove President Trump from office. It isn't about Kavanaugh, it's about the … [Read more...]

Regulation Is Not The Constitutional Solution To Censorship By Social Media Giants I had not intended to weigh in on this debate as I have been focusing more on geopolitical issues. But I saw a piece go by from Paula Bolyard over at the Washington Post and I just had to write on it. Paula is also the supervising editor at PJ Media. That is a media source I really respect and that I visit every single day. You should too. Recently, Paula wrote an article at PJ Media that … [Read more...]