US Rep. Melissa Bean’s Town Hall Thuggery

On Thursday, August 12, Representative Melissa Bean (IL-8-D) held a public meeting at the Round Lake Library. The meeting was billed as a Financial Education seminar to teach citizens how to manage their credit card debt. What happened at this meeting was anything but educational. During the meeting, which I attended, citizens started to ask questions about jobs, government spending and the federal deficit. Every … [Read more...]

Citizen Challenges Illinois Candidates’ Eligibility

“The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public men.” - Samuel Adams One citizen in Illinois is standing up for the integrity of the election process and her right as a voter to make certain that the candidates from whom she chooses in the November election are indeed "constitutionally eligible" to hold public office. On June 28th 2010, Sharon Meroni, a.k.a. Chalice Jackson of Patriot's … [Read more...]

Triple Bottom-Line: The Marxist-Fascist ‘Social & Economic Justice’ Ties that Bind

ShoreBank, Obama, big labor, community organizers, manufacturers, Canadian socialists, progressive trade organizations, triple bottom-line corporations & the Small Business Administration, on the "High Road" to the controlled society by "JeanWTPUSA," Stanley Kurtz, a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center pointed out in a 09/23/08 Wall Street Journal article that, … [Read more...]