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Neo-Marxist Fraud: Deconstructing Obama in 7.5 Minutes

...thanks to Jack Cashill... ...and William Charles Ayers. For further information -- Deconstructing Obama, by Jack Cashill, available in better bookstores, online, and in libraries (and if you don't see it in your local library, ask if they take book donations).   So who's your daddy, BHO? … [Read more...]

Jack Cashill Deconstructing Obama on Fox & Friends this Friday 7:15am ET

The Book-TV presentation of Deconstructing Obama will be shown three times this upcoming weekend on C-SPAN II.   Check schedule for local times at or watch online at The beauty of C-SPAN is that it sends raw video information into America’s homes unedited. The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman has called the Internet “an open sewer of untreated, unfiltered information.” I … [Read more...]

Update: Jack Cashill on TV Deconstructing Obama, Archived

Update: Jack is to appear on this 3/18 Friday's Fox and Friends at 7:15am EDST. Posted 3/14: The riveting Cashill presentation, describing the making of Deconstructing Obama: Fascinating backstory - Jack's conclusion and the Q&A may raise goosebumps.  Trouble is, this is not a detective novel.  Including the stonewalling from both the Marxstream and conventional conservative media, this is happening … [Read more...]

Update: Deconstructing Obama Author Jack Cashill on C-SPAN2 Sunday 3/13 10am ET

Update: You may see his riveting TV presentation in the Gulag: "Book to See Jack Cashill on TV Deconstructing Obama, Archived" For more background, Jack was our special guest on Gulag Night, February 14, one day before Deconstructing Obama was released. Also, just in via email: Call in or email tonight . . . The Jim Bohannon Show (live), 11 PM Eastern/ Monday, March 14 http://www.jimbohannonshow. com/ Join … [Read more...]

Gulag Night: Jack Cashill on his New Book Deconstructing Obama Monday 2/14, 10pmET

Gulag Night Monday 2/14, 10pm-Midnight Now Archived: Gulag Night Page Call in, to listen by phone, or to ask a question: 310/807-5060 . Barack Obama Liar? Plagiarist? Fraud? Who is he, really? . .Listen to Jack Cashill, Ph.D., author, investigative journalist, historical researcher, and literary analyst, the evening before his new book is released! .Click here, to order … [Read more...]

John Drew: Willing To Die To Get Out Truth About Young Obama

New Zeal Crossposted from Anonymous Political Scientist Trish and I were honored to attend the southern California premier of Trevor Loudon's new movie, The Enemies Within at a special event hosted by the American Freedom Alliance on October 16, 2016 in Van Nuys, CA. This movie is the result of Louden's long-career of carefully collecting available information regarding the ties that public officials in the … [Read more...]

Obama, Hitler, and Exploding the Biggest Lie In History

By: Bill Flax Forbes (published with permission) “The line between fascism and Fabian socialism is very thin. Fabian socialism is the dream. Fascism is Fabian socialism plus the inevitable dictator.” John T. Flynn Numerous commentators have raised alarming comparisons between America’s recent economic foibles and Argentina’s fall “from breadbasket to basket case.” The U.S. pursues a similar path with her … [Read more...]

Accuracy in Media Conference, ‘ObamaNation: A Day of Truth’

Accuracy in Media     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Accuracy in Media to Hold Conference - ObamaNation: A Day of Truth Washington, September 6, 2012? Accuracy in Media (AIM), the nation’s first and foremost media watchdog, announced that it will hold a major conference later this month to focus on significant issues concerning the Obama administration that have largely been misreported, underreported … [Read more...]

Obama, The Amateur—Interview with Edward Klein

“Not only is Barack Obama an amateur, unable to function in the job of the Presidency, but he is, at the same time, a creature of Chicago politics, and a very radical left-wing member of the Democratic Party who wants to use his time in office to engineer a transformation of our society, and make us a much more socialistic country. This is the toxic mix of incompetence and radicalism, and we’ve seen the results in … [Read more...]

What the Mailman Knows about Ayers and Obama

Doorbell! American Thinker March 19, 2012 A few days ago I got a call asking whether I knew anything about the Ayers family mailman. I had heard of him, I said. I remembered liberal blogger Steven Diamond having interviewed the fellow a few years back but paid it little mind as the information seemed too limited to pursue. The caller then sent me a video interview with the mailman by WND sleuth Jerome … [Read more...]

Obama Went to France While in College?

On Thursday, while in Cannes for the G-20 Summit, President Barack Obama casually said the following, “The last time I was in the South of France – or the first time, rather, was as a college student, and I’ve never forgotten the extraordinary hospitality of the French people and the extraordinary views that are available here.” To Obama followers, this comes as news. In his 1995 memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” … [Read more...]

John C. Drew: Even Republicans Rejected Info About Obama’s Past

By John C. Drew American Thinker  What would you do if you knew that the top Democrat running for president was lying about his past? That is the question I was faced with in 2008.  I had met the young Barack Obama while he was a sophomore at Occidental College, and I knew that his commitment to socialism was deep, genuine, and longstanding.  See my earlier article on American Thinker. I had been a leader … [Read more...]

The Liberal Honolulu Elections Official who Declared Obama’s Hawaiian Birth Certificate Nonexistent

Why the Anti-Journalists Savaged Tim Adams   In early June, 2010, less than a week after anyone outside of his immediate circle ever heard of Tim Adams, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann publicly named Adams the “Third Worst Person In The World.” Olbermann cited, halfway accurately, a WorldNetDaily article quoting Adams’ claim that “a long form hospital-generated birth certificate for Obama does not even exin the … [Read more...]

The First Sighting of Barack Obama

In December 2010, during his first week in prison at Fort Leavenworth, U.S. Army Lt. Col. Terry Lakin met with his assigned civilian psychologist, who claimed to know why Lakin was in prison. As the psychologist put it, Lakin did not believe Obama to be born in America and thus constitutionally eligible to be president. Lakin corrected him. As Lakin explained, he did not know where the president was born or … [Read more...]

Obama’s Slick Shift on Gay Marriage

In November 2008, while a candidate for president, Barack Obama was unequivocal in his rejection of gay marriage. At the time, Obama told even the gay-friendly MTV audience that he believed marriage to be exclusively "between a man and a woman" and that he was "not in favor of gay marriage." Just a few months later, in response to a question, Miss California Carrie Prejean said the very same thing, “I believe that … [Read more...]

ASK Interviews the Obama Social Security Number Investigator

From Andrea Shea King Tonight on my radio program  the private investigator whose research revealed that Obama has been using a fraudulent Connecticut Social Security Number since at least 1986 as well as a fraudulent Selective Service Number Susan Daniels information was included in Jack Cashill's latest book "Deconstructing Obama", and tonight she will lay it all out for us. Join us at 9 pm … [Read more...]

A Closer Look at Obama Sr.

Sally Jacobs' new book on the president's father, "The Other Barack," tells us as much about contemporary journalism as it does Barack Obama Sr. What follows are some observations on both. The book opens well. The first two sentences read, "Every man who has served as president of the United States had parents who lived out their lives upon American soil. Barack H. Obama did not." Race-baiters take note: Obama's … [Read more...]

Literary Detectives Deconstruct Obama, Find Literal Fraud

Sometimes when no one is looking, the most delightful wildflowers grow out of cracks in the sidewalk. Someone found this sunflower and brought it to our attention. No, we didn't make this video or solicit it. It grew on its own.  Here's a spontaneous thank you to movieskool for creating "The Literary Detectives" (4:16 min.).   Gulag Notes:  Senior beatniks  -- smooth, urban jazz -- and Deconstructing Obama … [Read more...]

How the Media Falsify Obama’s Origins Story

In her new biography of Ann Dunham, A Singular Woman, New York Times reporter Janny Scott corrupts Barack Obama's nativity story even more than a cynic might have thought possible. In so doing, Scott follows an ignoble media tradition that deserves exposure as does the story that it corrupts. At the very first moment of his national acclaim, the 2004 keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention, Barack … [Read more...]

Misreading Obama

From the moment Barack Obama took center stage at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, the world has been busily trying to decipher the man. No one has been more busy reading Obama in the years since than the chair of the Harvard History Department, the esteemed Dr. James Kloppenberg. At numerous symposia, on both sides of the Atlantic, he has shared his distinctive insights on our 44th president. In his new … [Read more...]

Barack Obama’s Missing Year

In late October 2007, the New York Times ran a telling article on Barack Obama headlined, "Obama's Account of New York Years Often Differs From What Others Say." Given that he was an announced candidate for president, and an underdog at that, the Times expected Obama to welcome the chance to reconcile his account in his memoir, "Dreams from My Father," with the accounts of those who knew him. "Yet," lamented … [Read more...]

Obama Deconstructed: An Interview with Jack Cashill

Donald Trump’s recent comments calling for President Obama to show his birth certificate have brought added pressure on him to do so, because it seems to have been the impetus for at least some discussion of it in the mainstream media. But in reality, the unwillingness of Obama to release his original, long-form birth certificate is just one piece of much larger narrative that brings into question much of Obama’s … [Read more...]

Obama’s SS# and Union Boss Robber Barons

"Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.” —Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA) “The time for words is running out and all I have is a baseball bat.” —Don Hank, Laigle’s Forum Despite what Baba O’Reilly and the lame stream media say, “we the people” would be remiss if we did not continue to demand proof of Obama’s birth and history. That Obama has managed to … [Read more...]

Another Look at Obama’s Social Security Number

While out promoting my new book, Deconstructing Obama, I have been asked a few times about Obama's mysterious Social Security number. Not knowing enough to speak authoritatively, I chose to swim upstream through the data flood and head for the source. Here I found a no-nonsense licensed investigator from Ohio named Susan Daniels. Widowed at 30 with seven children, Daniels went back to school and eventually … [Read more...]

Ayers, Obama and the Destabilization of Egypt

We know that Bill Ayers, Obama mentor and former terrorist, has been mucking about in Egypt, but we cannot know for sure what that portends. What seems clear from the record is that Ayers and his circle – perhaps Obama himself – are less concerned with the future of Egypt than they are with the future of Israel, a country whose "story of itself" Ayers has denounced as "?elaborate, self-aggrandizing and thoroughly … [Read more...]

Will Obama Silence Blundering Abercrombie?

For reasons clear to no one just yet, Hawaii’s new Democrat governor Neil Abercrombie has gone public with his desire to silence the so-called “birthers” with proof of Barack Obama’s Hawaiian birth. "Maybe I'm the only one in the country,” Abercrombie told the Los Angeles Times just before Christmas, “that could look you right in the eye right now and tell you, 'I was here when that baby was born.'" A few days … [Read more...]

The Real Roots of Obama’s Rage

On Monday morning of this week, after reviewing my book proofs and shipping them off to Simon & Schuster, I picked up a copy of Dinesh D'Souza's new book, The Rage of Obama's Roots, and read it until I finished. Happily, it is a short book. In my own forthcoming book, Deconstructing Obama, I ask two basic questions: one is whether Barack Obama wrote the books and speeches penned under his name, and two is … [Read more...]

Was Obama’s Hendrix Reference Freudian?

The headline story on my Yahoo News reads, "Obama channels Hendrix on critics: ‘They talk about me like a dog.'" "Though Obama didn't acknowledge it," reads the article by Holly Bailey,  "the line was a verbatim quote from "Stone Free," the first song Hendrix wrote after moving to England in 1966." Holly dear, if Obama has not acknowledged help with his 1995 memoir Dreams From My Father, he is not about … [Read more...]

The Media is the Real Enemy

Right Side News If you are a regular reader of Right Side News, you know that we bring you in-depth reporting on a broad range of issues in one convenient place. The last conference "The Most Important News Conference in History" was widely read and shared across the internet and social networks. The following article details a day-long conference held by Accuracy in Media on September 19th. This conference on … [Read more...]

AIM Conference to Address Current Middle East Crisis, Fast & Furious, & Much More

By: Roger Aronoff Accuracy in Media   This Friday, September 21st, Accuracy in Media will be webcasting live a major conference in Washington, D.C. called, “ObamaNation: A Day of Truth.” It couldn’t be more timely, as American embassies throughout the Middle East are under attack, a U.S. ambassador was brutally murdered, and the American President is being burned in effigy in countries across the region, … [Read more...]