Progressive Globalist Congress Enriched Chinese with Stimulus Funds

Reported in RedWhiteBlueNews:

Harry Reid and the Chinese corporate execs at the dedication of a Nevada wind farm

Scandal!… Powerful Democrats Helped Chinese Firm Get $450 Million In Stimulus Cash For Wind Farm

Gateway Pundit did a great piece on more BS the State Run media will not tell you about.

In February it was reported that 80% of Stimulus Dollars For Wind Power Goes to Foreign Companies– Including China.

ABC reported that a Chinese company is helping build a massive wind farm in west Texas. The firm will receive $450 million in Stimulus cash. The project will save or create 300 jobs in Texas and 2,000 manufacturing jobs in China.
That sounds like a good use of taxpayer dollars, huh?

Apparently, nothing much has changed.
Democrats are still giving wind farm jabs to the Chinese.


Now remember….

American corporate lobbyists: bad. Chinese Communist party lobbyists: good.

Create or save jobs?  A slew in China!

h/t CJ in Texas

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