The Madness: U.S. Bails out E.U. After E.U. Funds Bad Mortgage Derivatives

Below, you will find the links from the Drudge Report. The pieces are being put together and interpreted that  the “$550 Billion run on the banks” cited by the now defrocked U.S. Representative Paul Kanjorski (PA-D) which, through Hank Paulson, caused the Congressional Panic of September 2008, was generated by European investors calling their markers for their investment in the Unites States’ bad mortgage derivatives.  Subsequently, that the astounding Federal Reserve megamoney grab was made, to pay them off.  (And, of course, George Soros and his comrades Herb and Marion Sandler made another set of fortunes in the overall process. Nice timing, anti-Americans.)

Afterward, the U.S. Rep’s involved clammed up and essentially denied knowing about any $550 Billion money drain.  Are they guilty of fraud, too?  Will the new Congress investigate the old, along with all the other suspects?  And (a-hem) I don’t recall anyone relating this was revealed in Pres. W’s new book.  Not worth a mention, George?

More will be sorted out over this next 24-hour news cycle… right?  Who will pay attention and who will not?

And by the way, more and more bad mortgages are still being “underwritten” by Fannie and Freddie, under the nose and lisping tongue of the U.S. Representative that Massachusetts saw fit to reelect, Barney Frank, the committee chairman who puts the double entendre in the word “oversight.”

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And here is the infamous Kanjorski C-SPAN video. from just a few months later.

Also, for reference, this video recalls (unconstitutional) Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke assuring Congress they would not be told where the money drain went — none of America’s business….

11/27 video, “The Madness of a Lost Society

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