Reid’s Nightmare DREAM Bill(s): Don’t Even Think about it RINOs

Alert and Call to Action from Michelle Malkin via  the Ghostfighters:

Document drop: S. 3992, the Dems’ latest Illegal Alien DREAM Act bill

By Michelle Malkin  •  December 1, 2010 01:26 PM

I told you this morning that the Dems were cooking up a new version of the DREAM Act to lure squishy Republicans and fence-sitting Democrats.

Here it is in full. Note: There are now four versions of the bill on the legislative calendar. None have been reviewed in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Once again, the Dems are rushing to cram ill-conceived entitlements down Americans’ throats and subverting the deliberative process.

In this version, they’ve extended the conditional residency period from six to ten years to make the amnesty look more palatable (see Section 5). They also have added an obligatory health exclusion (which will no doubt be abandoned as soon as the DHS Secretary starts issuing “public-interest” waivers built into the legislation). The waiver authority has also been expanded in this version of the bill. This bill also expands what qualifies as an “educational institution.” Bottom line: They can tweak all they want, but this warped-priority political pay-off is still a reckless, tone-deaf down payment on a broader illegal alien amnesty at a time of near-double-digit unemployment and border chaos.

Keep up your calls.


GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions responded to the latest Dem maneuvering this morning at the Senate Judiciary Committee mark-up: “I was disappointed that, apparently as a result of the Majority Leader’s promises, we now may have a fourth version of the DREAM Act, produced last night at 8:45, that he seeks to bring on the floor. We haven’t had a hearing on that in seven years. The American people did not vote for amnesty in this past election. I think it’s clear, as Senator McCain said, the national consensus is and he’s accepted this, that we have to have lawfulness in the immigration system before we start giving millions amnesty—as this bill will do. And it will be resisted with every strength and every ability that I have to do so. Because this is a lame-duck Congress, it will not pass next year, and it’s not going to pass this year if I have anything to do about it, I just tell you. This is not a good idea, it’s not well written, it does far more than its supporters say, and it will create litigation in massive amounts that will disrupt the entire ability of immigration officials to do their jobs.”

The full text of S. 3992  follows.

Compassion is a laudable virtue, but we are told to be wise as snakes and innocent as doves for a reason.  To give those who have come into our country a college education as well as undeserved citizenship is foolish and eventually suicidal.  This will create more of a problem than we are suffering under now and tell me why an illegal alien’s child should receive a college education with financial aid when the children of citizens has to pay his own way?  Stop this bill now, call your senator, get your neighbors to call, stir up your family, your church, your PTA.  Do it now before Harry Reid’s Dream becomes our unending nightmare!

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